Visiting the Twins!

My dear friend is grandmother to twins, a boy and a girl, and yes, I did capture a few really nice shots. Since I left it to the parents to share them, I thought I’d post these two photos (get it? two … one for each baby … ha!) from inside their very beautiful, almost century old home.


The muted light was awesome, and I just wish I’d had a tripod to improve the outcome.


You see what I saw though, right?

37 thoughts on “Visiting the Twins!

  1. Both of the photos are awesome Laurie but the first one is my favorite. I love the texture of the wall the way the shadow is coming off the banister from the side lighting and the placement of the picture (the composition is perfect). Very nicely done 😀

    • Joe, it took several shots to get that first one. The light, the shadows from the railing and the faint shadow from the frame, and then of course the wall texture. As soon as I walked toward it, I had to turn back and go get the camera. Thanks for always being supportive and positive about my efforts!

    • Yes! And Liz … you would love this home! gorgeous original hardwood floors, arched doorways, a slate roof, a landing at the top of the stairs, similar to yours … just a beautiful home!

  2. both are fabulous but I think the second would be my favorite…what looks like it could be a rocking chair in front of the window with wonderful light streaming though…

  3. I don’t know what you saw, but in the second photo I see tradition quietly waiting to soothe another generation of infancy to blissful sleep. I see a grandmother, a mother, remembering another time, another child . . . .what lovely peace.

    I can almost smell that sweet baby smell.

    Thanks for sharing your twin photos. They are wonderful!

    • Mary, as fellow blogger says “you are so good at liking and commenting”! I can’t wait to share your comment with my friend, the new grandmother.
      And yes … that rocking chair has been in the family for generations and I believe has rocked many a baby.

  4. I don’t know what you see either – I see that the shadows deepen in an homage to the beauty of age and the mystery of life …….. but then I is deep like that 🙂 What do you see? And where is/are the tripod and the baby pics??

    • You are just so much fun!!
      And you are also right about the shadows and the light and the age of the home and the newness of the babies (and hopefully, I’ll get to post a baby pic soon)

    • Can you imagine two at once? and it was amazing how much gear two little bitty babies require 🙂
      Happiness and health to you in 2014, Tina!

  5. What beautiful shadows, and such a deep sense of tranquility. History lurking in the shadows waiting to repeat itself another time. I’m imagining a mother rocking a child to sleep in her arms on that chair 🙂

    • So beautifully said … I love your way with words. That chair has been in several generations of this family’s homes, so indeed history repeating itself.

  6. Ha ha! I totally got it! 😀 😛
    Hey, what are we seeing here? Was there a ghost in the chair?

    Ghost or none, the second shot gave me the creeps. What did you see?

    • No ghosts in this picture BUT I took a photo of this same chair in it’s previous home and we all did think it looked like a ghost was in the photo! I wish I knew how to add a link to a photo so I could show you. It looks pretty cool!

  7. you are really getting better and better and better with your photography! 🙂 wish I can take a photo as good as you 🙂

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