Monochromia: Western Sky

My contribution to Monochromia this week

Keystone, Colorado 11,444 Ft

Mailboxes and Fences

When on the way home from an early Saturday morning meeting, I could not help myself.  I had to pull over.

Just a few minutes drive from my home, this Southwest Virginia view is enhanced by old mailboxes and fencelines.

I’m slowly, ever so slowly catching up.  Be back soon!

Drama in the Sky


What a wild spring it has been, and just look at the stunning clouds that spring storms bring.

Back Track

With just an hour or so to spare, I set off on the bike.


It took me awhile to find a place to pull over to capture this view, and even then I had to hike back a bit.

For once, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Not too bad for my ol Blackberry, eh?

Myakka River


A wonderful weekend in Florida with friends was well worth the craziness of life upon my return.  The Myakka River, designated as a Florida Wild and Scenic River, flows through 58 square miles of wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands in the Myakka River State Park.

And while I cannot wait to share stories and photos, I’m firmly convinced it is time for a zoom lens!


I look forward to checking out your latest posts!

Sea or Sky?

One of you lovely bloggers commented on my FB page that this image looked like waves and I agree!



It could go either way 🙂

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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Just Drivin’ By … in Color

This barn sits alongside the dirt road on the way to my friend Cherie’s house.


Many times I’ve photographed it; many times I’ve been unsatisfied with the result.  This day, however, it seemed just about right.

I’d love you to check out today’s post on Monochromia to see the B&W version and let me know what you think.

Above and Below

A week or so ago, I was able to ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway with a couple friends.  It was a bright, summer day and clouds filled the sky.  What a joy it is to ride along that curvy parkway, feeling the wind and the sun, and to view this incredible scenery.


We stopped at the Peaks of Otter Lodge for a short break and this time saw the clouds reflected in the water of the lake.


Clouds above.  Clouds below.


Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’m very much looking forward to my vacation, which is coming up in just 6 days!

The Chesapeake Bay.  The Delaware Coast.   Kentucky.

Very different destinations and different modes of transportation.  There will be stories to tell and photos to share and I cannot wait. These past 9 months have not found me traveling much.  It is time to get back out there!

Be sure to visit Monochromia and check out some incredible B&W Photography!

One Stormy Day in May: From the Truck

This is the last of the series of Stormy Monday posts (see From the Bridge and From the Office).

The ride home continued to provide wonderful opportunities for photography.  While all of us in SWVA (and in many other places I am sure) are ready for the sun to shine, the stormy skies have been beautiful!


Until the storms clear, I’ve been resigned to shoot from the truck, but I sure am missing my motorcycle!


Until then, at least I can enjoy views like this!


And if the sun shines this weekend, I ride!

One Stormy Day in May: From the Office

How fortunate am I to have this view when I leave my office at the end of each day?


These two photographs are very similar but one emphasizes the green and the other, the impressive cloud formations from all the storm activity we’ve been having here in SWVA.


Yesterday, I posted photos taken during this same storm system. Please look here if you missed them.