Above and Below

A week or so ago, I was able to ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway with a couple friends.  It was a bright, summer day and clouds filled the sky.  What a joy it is to ride along that curvy parkway, feeling the wind and the sun, and to view this incredible scenery.


We stopped at the Peaks of Otter Lodge for a short break and this time saw the clouds reflected in the water of the lake.


Clouds above.  Clouds below.


Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’m very much looking forward to my vacation, which is coming up in just 6 days!

The Chesapeake Bay.  The Delaware Coast.   Kentucky.

Very different destinations and different modes of transportation.  There will be stories to tell and photos to share and I cannot wait. These past 9 months have not found me traveling much.  It is time to get back out there!

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One Stormy Day in May: From the Truck

This is the last of the series of Stormy Monday posts (see From the Bridge and From the Office).

The ride home continued to provide wonderful opportunities for photography.  While all of us in SWVA (and in many other places I am sure) are ready for the sun to shine, the stormy skies have been beautiful!


Until the storms clear, I’ve been resigned to shoot from the truck, but I sure am missing my motorcycle!


Until then, at least I can enjoy views like this!


And if the sun shines this weekend, I ride!

One Stormy Day in May: From the Office

How fortunate am I to have this view when I leave my office at the end of each day?


These two photographs are very similar but one emphasizes the green and the other, the impressive cloud formations from all the storm activity we’ve been having here in SWVA.


Yesterday, I posted photos taken during this same storm system. Please look here if you missed them.


One Stormy Day in May: From The Bridge

While we are all ready for sun and the warmth that it brings, the storm and clouds made for amazing skies.



The daily rain has caused the New River to run over it’s banks in some spots and we have been under flood watch here in SWVA.


As an aside, I was on the bridge for about 20 minutes and had more fun as friends would drive by, wave and honk, and later text or call to tell me that they saw me.

Ya gotta love small city life!


Selu Conservancy: Colors on a Misty, Cloudy Day

Selu Conservancy, a 380 acre tract of land along The Little River, serves as a retreat center,  and an outdoor classroom and science lab for Radford University.  I’ve been to Selu several times over the years for business meetings, government retreats, special events, weddings and a memorial service.  This day I came for the Fine Art & Crafts Holiday Market.

The day was rainy and cloudy, and as I pulled out my camera, one of the other patrons commented that there really wasn’t much to photograph because of the “dreary day”.  I of course disagreed and only wish I had the ability to capture the beauty!  Photographic opportunities are endless at Selu …  today I offer just a glimpse into all that the Conservancy offers.

The Selu property houses The Barn (a research and science center), The Observatory (which resembles a silo) and an “authentic replica” of a 1930s homestead.





The mist and clouds made for striations of color against the mountains.



The grayish blue day provided a perfect backdrop for the silhouettes of the trees.




Jeff Armistead, the Director of Selu, and I, spent several minutes on the deck of the Retreat Center trying to photograph the multiple levels of color on display before us.  I’m not sure that I was able to do justice to the view, but I sure enjoyed trying!