Above and Below

A week or so ago, I was able to ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway with a couple friends.  It was a bright, summer day and clouds filled the sky.  What a joy it is to ride along that curvy parkway, feeling the wind and the sun, and to view this incredible scenery.


We stopped at the Peaks of Otter Lodge for a short break and this time saw the clouds reflected in the water of the lake.


Clouds above.  Clouds below.


Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I’m very much looking forward to my vacation, which is coming up in just 6 days!

The Chesapeake Bay.  The Delaware Coast.   Kentucky.

Very different destinations and different modes of transportation.  There will be stories to tell and photos to share and I cannot wait. These past 9 months have not found me traveling much.  It is time to get back out there!

Be sure to visit Monochromia and check out some incredible B&W Photography!

29 thoughts on “Above and Below

    • Oh I will, Edith thank you! I’ll try to emulate your work and the work of other favorite photographers at some point along the way …

  1. Sounded like a beautiful day LB. It seems like you might be able to see all the way to Kentucky from up there 😀 Will you go thru Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio on the way to Kentucky or back through Virginia and west? Geez, you’ll be really close to Washington 😀 I can’t wait to visit in the spring !!

    Loving your water photo too, because I’m always comforted by water. Did you see the photo at Joe’s today? I believe a repost from you group site. How many days will you be riding? So happy for you to be able to enjoy your new bike with your new smile. What a crazy year for you, welcome back to the thing you love so much…your Life on a Bike (and other fab things) xo Boomdee k

    • I’m not quite sure how I’ll make the trip. The first part of the trip, to the Chesapeake Bay, will find me traveling in my truck to a place near a favorite place for you (Irvington). I’ll leave there, after spending 3 days with wonderful girlfriends, and drive up to Delaware where I’ll hang out with one my roommate from college! I’ll probably come home via Maryland and Northern Virginia / DC.
      After that, I’ll be riding on the bike to Kentucky.
      And yes! I can not wait to physically meet you all next Spring!! WHAT FUN! (I couldn;t help but put that in caps!) Thanks so much for you well wishes! I’ve been thinking of your job, your move, your craft room, and hoping you are happy and getting settled! Big XOXO

    • Thanks Dani! My son likes to tease me because I can’t help but photograph big cloudy skys!
      So good to get your email and Loved your description of you in the corner 🙂
      Hope your heart is healing!

  2. Great shots Laurie 🙂 It’s about time you are taking some time off and getting away. I can’t wait to see the images you bring back with you. Have a safe and happy vacation 🙂

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