Stormy Weather

When I pulled out of the driveway that Saturday morning almost two weeks ago, the skies were slightly overcast and the temperature was 70 degrees F.  It was a lovely day to ride.

As I rode down through the mountains, heading towards the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I was filled with excitement about a week at the beach with the GOAs.  The Girls Of August have been taking a vacation together for over 20 years, and it is one of the highlights of the year for all of us.


After riding 200 miles, I met up with Jan and we began the second half of the trip.  WIth 180 miles to go, and the skies beginning to darken, I was glad to have a friend to share the journey with.  As it became clear that rain was in our path, we transferred my gear from bike to car.


It was such a relief to know that all my gear, including my camera, would stay dry in the car because before we knew it, the skies opened up.  It was a deluge!


For over 100 miles we rode in driving wind and rain, and thunder and lightning.  Headed toward the coast, the road was flat with few opportunities for shelter in this rural part of the state.  At one point, we pulled off the road to seek shelter under an overpass.  I put my feet down at the stop sign, and the water was over the top of my boots!

Several cars and trucks were already idling under the overpass, and I had to laugh at the fact that I had stayed on the road longer than they had.  By the time Jan took these photos, the rain had calmed down a bit and most of the cars had continued on.


You just have to keep smiling and ride safe.


From this point onward, the weather became even worse.  It took all my energy to stay focused on the road, and I’m thankful that I wasn’t a newbie rider.  Imagine going up and over the bridge across the Pamlico Sound. In the dark. In the rain.  When we finally arrived, the only part of me that was dry was my head, thankfully protected by the helmet.  I’m so grateful that Jan had been with me.

How wonderful to have friends to greet us, drinks in hand.



Our time in Nags Head was incredible, and we could not have asked for a better vacation.  We did however, experience one more huge storm.  While enjoying the beach one day, we watched the clouds roll in.

_MG_4744-2 _MG_4591-2 _MG_4746-2 _MG_4594-2


The GOAs started to pack up beach bags and chairs, but being the lover of storms that I am, I decided that I’d stick it out on the beach.  Janet, too, decided to ride it out, and oh what a wild ride it was!


Rain, thunder, lightning, hail.  Our beach towels offered meager protection! I kept my camera covered up inside a bag, and these cell phone images do not do justice to the weather that Mother Nature treated us to that day.  I’m so glad that Janet was there to witness it with me.

_MG_4749-2 20160802_122148-2 _MG_4747-2

When the storm finally settled down, we sent a text up to the house that all was well, and Jan and Becky sooned rejoined us on the beach.  Later that evening, we enjoyed the post storm beauty.

_MG_4796-2 _MG_4775-2

What a gift.

Drama in the Sky


What a wild spring it has been, and just look at the stunning clouds that spring storms bring.

Share Away, my Snow Loving Sisters and Brothers!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing your beautiful snow images.  Since I’ll be out shoveling the snow, and glorying in the post storm beauty, please, please share a link in the comment section.  I don’t want to miss an image!


For the Love of the Ride

You ride in the heat and the cold; the sun and the rain.

But sometimes you pull over and wait out the storm.

All for the love of the ride.


One Stormy Day in May: From the Truck

This is the last of the series of Stormy Monday posts (see From the Bridge and From the Office).

The ride home continued to provide wonderful opportunities for photography.  While all of us in SWVA (and in many other places I am sure) are ready for the sun to shine, the stormy skies have been beautiful!


Until the storms clear, I’ve been resigned to shoot from the truck, but I sure am missing my motorcycle!


Until then, at least I can enjoy views like this!


And if the sun shines this weekend, I ride!

One Stormy Day in May: From the Office

How fortunate am I to have this view when I leave my office at the end of each day?


These two photographs are very similar but one emphasizes the green and the other, the impressive cloud formations from all the storm activity we’ve been having here in SWVA.


Yesterday, I posted photos taken during this same storm system. Please look here if you missed them.


One Stormy Day in May: From The Bridge

While we are all ready for sun and the warmth that it brings, the storm and clouds made for amazing skies.



The daily rain has caused the New River to run over it’s banks in some spots and we have been under flood watch here in SWVA.


As an aside, I was on the bridge for about 20 minutes and had more fun as friends would drive by, wave and honk, and later text or call to tell me that they saw me.

Ya gotta love small city life!


After The Fall

Extensive rain and a very heavy snowfall (followed by near record breaking flooding) damaged or destroyed many trees.  I came to this site to photograph a friend as he worked to clear away this downed tree.  The homeowner sure was lucky that the damage wasn’t more extensive!



I’m always saddened when a big beautiful tree goes down.


As I wandered around, taking pictures before, during and after the tree work, I was struck by the colors of the newly revealed wood beneath the bark.








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