Back Track

With just an hour or so to spare, I set off on the bike.


It took me awhile to find a place to pull over to capture this view, and even then I had to hike back a bit.

For once, I didn’t have my camera with me.

Not too bad for my ol Blackberry, eh?

31 thoughts on “Back Track

    • Pauline, I’ve been thinking about you! I know it hasn’t been that long since we connected, but it seems that way. Are you doing okay?
      The second trimester is going by quickly! I have to admit to struggling with some of it. The opposition examining my background and looking for “bad” things. Sigh…
      For such a fighter like me, i’m always surprised with how much of a softie I am.
      Seriously though… you doing ok?

  1. I’m glad you got at least a little time away, to do what you love. The ugliness of a campaign saddens me. I suppose it was ever thus in any political arena but I don’t want YOU to have to deal with it!

  2. Laurie, Such a great shot, my biker sister! I LOVE this photo. There is so much tension in it and drama. Just gorgeous. You inspire me to try photography with my iPhone all of the time and I do. Sometimes I get some great shots, mostly when I’m not trying. LOL! Let’s ride, sis!

    • So good to read your message!! I look forward to having a bit more time for WP friends once the campaign is over. 21 weeks to go! 🙂
      Keep on taking those photos!!

    • We’ve definitely had our share of storms lately!
      Big driving rain and thunder.
      I go lucky on the bike that do though 🙂

    • You are so right about both of your comments, Mae.
      I’ll come home and look at a photo that I posted with my phone and think “ugh” … the eye might have been there but the equipment, not so much. Sometimes though, it just works out.

  3. This photo reminds me of Scotland, Laurie. Gray, misty clouds, heather and bracken covered hillsides, and a crofter’s cottage a way up top (and a wee dram of whisky waiting for your arrival!). 😛

  4. It’s the photographer behind the Blackberry that makes it all worthwhile. I’m glad you got out on the bike and away from all the nonsense that makes life so stressful. xox

    • Thank you, Alys. We all need our little moments to escape, don’t we?
      With your work (both for pay and volunteer), getting Chris ready for college, and tending to the rest of the family, I hope you find time for hands in the dirt.

      • Thank you, LB. I’m ready for a little less busy, but don’t see that happening till mid-July. It’s okay though. I visit the garden every day, and sometimes have a quick lunch outside as well if I’m home mid-day. My job took me all the way to Aptos yesterday, and although it was hard work, I worked in a beach house with the waves lapping at the sand within 100 yards of the house. Amazing.

        I loved your door photo. You could publish a book called 1,000 doors of Radford by this October. 🙂

      • Great idea for the doors book! I’ll give that some thought. I’ve been pondering how to document the knocking. I could put a photo spread together of doors.
        So glad you got to work in such a lovely place … the waves must have added such peace to your work.
        keep taking those moments in the garden. You deserve and need a few quiet moment!

  5. It is usually a good use of your time to listen to that voice that calls you back to a shot. There is probably something just right about the perspective, the light, the sky, that flashes an alert in your brain. The photo will only wait moments for you, and will then be gone. This is one good example.

  6. I’m really impressed by your Blackberry photo LB. I still prefer my camera over my phone but appreciate the ease of uploading photo’s from my phone to the web quickly. You know, for all those important FB messages, LOL. When you got the eye, you got it and *you* naturally do. I keep saying I need a tripod for these late night shots, mine are frequently out of focus. I just need a lot more practice 😀 xo K

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