A Different View

As I write this post, I realize that several of my blogging friends are not the fans of snow that I am.


Yes, I have lived up north.  I loved the snow then and I love the snow now.  And the less attractive parts of winter make the warmth and new growth of spring all the more welcome.


The best part of this particular snowstorm?  It happened on a Saturday and I didn’t have to dig myself out at the crack of dawn to drive to work!

We didn’t get much, maybe 4 inches or so.  Yet still my heart is happy as I worry about the day when snow is a only a memory.


The question is: how do you photograph the snow in a different way?  How do you avoid the same old snow scenes?


Especially when you’ve not left the house and are still in your jammies.   When you stand on the porch in your slippers, where just a bit of snow has collected, and try to capture the glory of snow.


And then, you wander back inside and enjoy the quiet day, and the opportunity to play with photography.


Stay warm, my friends, and enjoy the day.

38 thoughts on “A Different View

  1. You did a wonderful job of creating photographs that are NOT the same old snow pictures. My favorites are the the one with the motor cycle in the forground, and the one with the footprints in the snow.

  2. I love to see that sweep of the land down your front yard and through the trees, it is maybe my clearest memory of your home environment. It looks different and fabulous in every season that you photograph it! I still recall the day I woke up in the UK to my first real snowfall – so deep that only the roof of my car was visible and the world had fallen profoundly silent. The old fox was the only one who ventured out and he had left his paw prints in a wide circle around the barn where I lived. Magic!!

  3. As I am reading this post we are getting buried here in snow on Long Island Laurie 😀 Should be done about midnight with about 8 to 9 inches. Great images and I really love the footprints.

    • My parents in Williamsburg, which is southeast of me, got 13 inches!!
      The more snow the better in my mind … unless it’s the Saturday of the Women’s March. Fingers crossed!

  4. You have done a wonderful job of taking photos in a different light. Loved the vehicles covered in it and the footprints. I love snow too. We desperately need the mountain snow pack for water. I like to look at through the window, as long as I don’t have to go anywhere or shovel it. Liked the glass on the table too. So colorful after the snow. 🙂

  5. Great photos, Laurie. I think capturing the texture of snow is really hard and the 3rd photo from the end with the tuff of grass poking through does it so well with the long winter shadows. Beautiful!

  6. It’s so weird that you have that much snow and here, in upstate New York, a few miles from Quebec . . .we have nothing! I like snow, too, especially now that I am retired and can almost always stay home when it snows a lot. I didn’t like it so much when I lived in Buffalo and had to get to work! 😉 Enjoy the whiteness while it lasts!

    • In the same way that you have no snow: my parents, who live in Williamsburg, to the south and east of me, got 13 inches!
      Meanwhile, it the temps hadn’t been so low, the 4″ that we had would already be gone. As it is, I still see snow out my window, Happy, happy me!

    • 2 feet! We got to close to that once last year, but I fear those days of big snow are few and far between for us these days.
      Stay warm, Frank!

  7. Our planet is a half-billion years old, yet when you walk in freshly laid snow you are walking on virgin earth. btw, the photo of your bike in the foreground is very cool. Enjoy the snow!

  8. As Pauline said, I like seeing the expanse of snow outside your home. It evokes wonderful memories of an extraordinary time. Those footprints make me smile as does the imagine of you tiptoeing outside in your slippers to get the shot. Your truck! Oh my gosh, that is a load of snow. I can’t imagine starting your day dealing with that.

    My favorite shot is the last one. It’s warm and inviting, and reminds me of the way it feels when you come in out of the cold. You’re amazing.

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