Pizza House Jam

Southwest Virginia is home to The Crooked Road, a 333 mile stretch along scenic roadways where traditional and heritage music can be heard.  “The variety of music is amazing … old time string bands, a cappella gospel, blues, 300 year old ballads, and bluegrass” (


Music can be heard in Major Venues such as the Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol, the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, the Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, and the Floyd Country Store in Floyd.  In addition to these Major Venues, there are over 60 Affiliated Venues, places where traditional music can be found, often in weekly jam sessions, where anyone with a song or instrument is welcome to join in.  Radford is home to the Radford Fiddle and Banjo Jam which was started by Ralph Berrier in 2000 and is currently located in the River City Grill (Photo Credit: Photography Intern).


An offshoot of the Fiddle Jam is held in the Pizza House, a locally owned business since 1971.

IMG_3500 IMG_3493

While not an Affiliated Venue of The Crooked Road, the Pizza House Jam is a place where local musicians gather to play and sing.

_MG_3519 _MG_3517 _MG_3530 IMG_3475

While I can join in on singing a few of the songs, I have no talent with a musical instrument.

_MG_3521 _MG_3520 _MG_3518 _MG_3511

The music fills the room, the folks watching tap their feet or sing along, and the faces of the musicians reflect the joy of the evening.

_MG_3526 _MG_3515

And that is what music is all about.

41 thoughts on “Pizza House Jam

    • this is a pic of a dear sweet lady with a wonderful voice. her name is Rae, and she is a joy to play music with. the pic really captures her love for the autoharp.

    • Thank you! That photo was the prompt to write the post!! Her whole body expresses her love for the music. And Bill … please share the blog with her, and thank you for sharing her name and love for the instrument.

  1. Sound like a great place to spend an evening and just chill out and listen. You have captured it perfectly in this post Laurie 🙂

  2. Indeed, “that’s what music is all about”! It brings people together and makes them happy – your fabulous photos are proof of that. I saw a story on TV recently about a man teaching music to young girls in Afghanistan. They had similar looks of concentration and joy on their faces when they were all “jammin’ “! The Crooked Road is now definitely on my “to do” list! xoxoxoxoxoxox

    • I’m thinking I saw that show, too, or one similar to it. What a joy!!
      and when you make that trip to The Crooked Road, you have a place to stay!

  3. How fantastic to have this in your home town. I bet that’s a great evening. I was just enjoying such music at my MIL’s senior residence. It brought back memories thats for sure. I actually have a guitar and used to play a lot. I’m pretty rusty these days and need to get back to a couple of lessons. I really really want a Ukulele. I love the sound and it’s my size. I love that you went outside for a peek in on your one photo 😀

    • Bring that ukulele when you come south and we’ll hook you up with these jammers!!
      Music is healing, and creates community, and brings joy. Awesome!

  4. I like the second image a lot. If it were at the top, it would have shown in the reader and brought in more views.

      • You may notice that I always use galleries. They work great with multiple images and make the post easier to read because there is less scrolling.

      • Yes, but my blog is about travels and telling the story, and my photography is just a part of it (plus I have no where near your talent).

      • Well, I am about 60% travel. I try to tell the story as much with photography as possible. That is why I will probably never get on freshly pressed because they like text. As for talent, you manage to produce lively content in your own way.

    • Thank you Robyn. I have to tell you, I had to work on these images. The lighting was bad enough and I, inexperienced enough, that when I got home that night I thought I would have to scrap the lot of them.

  5. Thanks for taking pics of us. I was the guy that introduced myself to you. Thanks for adding me to your friend list so i can see what you wrote. Good work!

    • Thank you for visiting! And yes, I remember you! It was nice to put a face with the name Moose that I’d heard so much about 🙂

    • It’s a pretty wonderful “crooked road”. We are lucky that John Warner, our Governor at the time, was such a champion of the concept.

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