A Different View

As I write this post, I realize that several of my blogging friends are not the fans of snow that I am.


Yes, I have lived up north.  I loved the snow then and I love the snow now.  And the less attractive parts of winter make the warmth and new growth of spring all the more welcome.


The best part of this particular snowstorm?  It happened on a Saturday and I didn’t have to dig myself out at the crack of dawn to drive to work!

We didn’t get much, maybe 4 inches or so.  Yet still my heart is happy as I worry about the day when snow is a only a memory.


The question is: how do you photograph the snow in a different way?  How do you avoid the same old snow scenes?


Especially when you’ve not left the house and are still in your jammies.   When you stand on the porch in your slippers, where just a bit of snow has collected, and try to capture the glory of snow.


And then, you wander back inside and enjoy the quiet day, and the opportunity to play with photography.


Stay warm, my friends, and enjoy the day.

Finding Merry

To my WP friends the world over, those who celebrate and those who do not, know that you have enriched my life. May the blessings of health, contentment, and peace be yours.


Morning coffee at Kate and Bob’s home offered a few moments to enjoy their chickens.


Clearly content, they clucked and coo’d quietly while I quickly took a few shots.

_MG_4595 _MG_4591

A peek inside the coop revealed freshly laid eggs


Check out the decorative touches and and bright colors of the chicken yard.

IMG_4581 _MG_4597 _MG_4596

Kate and Bob have created a space that would make any chicken content (yes! the chickens told me so!)

This just makes me happy …

I know … the quality of the picture isn’t great, but the tree and the lights sure are!

Lights on a tree really do make me happy.  I look forward to turning them on every morning and have them glow in the background while I sip my coffee and enjoy your latest blog posts and email messages.  Or picture this: the lights on the tree in the evening, a lovely beverage and a book.

Ahhh …. contentment.