Anatomy of a Bridge

** This is a scheduled post  from a ride one week ago. As you read, I am in full Get Out The Vote mode! **

Another Sunday Ride. Another Old Bridge.

Something is definitely right in my world when I get to ride the bike two weekends in a row.  The rides haven’t been long but during this busy time in my life, I’m thrilled just to be riding on our beautifully curvy Southwest Virginia roads.

We were also able to explore another old bridge.  With this one no longer in use, we were able to take our time checking it out.

I thought of Joe as I photographed all of the rust, and as we looked at the many parts of the bridge, I couldn’t help but wish that I knew more about civil engineering.


I also loved the contrast between the man made structure and the natural world.

Soon enough we were back on the bikes and enjoying the wind in our faces.

As always, we ended the ride with a cold craft beer and this time, a brick oven pizza.

It was the perfect way way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Bridge

  1. If I wasn’t a photographer that was into rusty and old things I would have taken your mention of rust and thinking of me as an insult Laurie LOL 😀 You know me all too well my friend and it was indeed a compliment. This place really looks like a place I would enjoy. Wonderful images.

  2. I’m a big fan of bridges and this one was so photogenic as nature tries to reclaim it. I like the last bridge photo with the bikes in the foreground. It looks like nature is winning! I’m guessing the bridge wasn’t safe to walk on?

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