Snowbound Bike Chick

If you found time to visit yesterday, you know that I am posting an image a day this week, all of which showcase the beauty that was the Blizzard of 2016. Visit #Jonas to see yesterday’s image.  I’d love to see your winter photos as well, so please feel free to leave a link to your snow images.


I am not immune to the fact that those without power / heat, and others stranded on highways, spent time suffering.  Most of us though, had an opportunity for time with family, books and games, exercise (ie shoveling), cooking, and were mostly just inconvenienced.

36 thoughts on “Snowbound Bike Chick

    • Oh no, definitely not. That must have been a scary experience! Being on the bike in snow would require incredibly caution, skill, and drivers of cars to be paying attention. Yikes!

    • Thanks, Alys. I’m sure there are many who are annoyed by my attitude 🙂 I just keep thinking … it’s just a few days! It’ll be gone soon!

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