February Ride

Sixty Degrees on Feb 28th.  Guess where I was?


For at least a few hours, I was able to ride, to breathe, to smile, and to soothe my spirit,

Then I parked the bike and wandered along the train tracks,



visited an old historic school building,



and had a little fun shooting some interesting architecture.




After a quick stop at the local Pizza House, which I’ve written about before, it was time to head home for the day.


Hope you were able to spend some time this weekend doing something that brings you joy.

37 thoughts on “February Ride

  1. What a great ride and I see that whif of Spring in the air in your photos. I had a lovely walk in warm sunshine with my son who just arrived for a visit from cold Canada. Happy, happy. xo Johanna

    • Thanks so much for commenting and I’m glad you liked the second one. I just told Joe that I wasn’t sure …
      Tried to visit your site, but wasn’t about to.
      I love connecting with other bikers!

  2. The curve of the tracks is delicious – makes me feel the movement and speed of the train…… [Is delicious the correct adverb I wonder?] It was rather chilly here last night – the first dipping of the warmth………. It’s a’coming 🙂

    • It’s a coming, eh? spring for us, cooler temps for you. I know you’ve enjoyed your outdoor time, but your winter time should be comfy too because of the work you’ve done on the house.
      And yes, delicious is a perfect word!

    • Those arched window openings lead to a neat little grassy courtyard. It used to be the home to various pieces of art, but when I wandered back there, I saw that they had been removed. It’s a neat place for sure

    • Thank you for saying that, Kerry. I confess to feeling that I’ve been doing that a little less lately. Grateful to read your comment

  3. I could look at your photos all day. I remember when your blog was mostly about the bike and the photos were a little extra. You sure have come a long way with the camera.


    • Mary, your comment raises a mixture of emotions for me. I’m proud that you feel my photography has improved; I feel oh so much gratitude that we’ve been friends for such a long time, and I worry that I’ve not had the time to ride and do more travel journaling. Some day I’ll get back to that. I need to!

  4. Warm weather, a ride and time with your camera. Sounds wonderful for you, Laurie. Those arches are so distinct that they actually seem to be frames on a wall showing off a photo of greenery. Fascinating.

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