Ride: Bent Mountain

It’s fall but it still feels like summer, the earth still rotates on it’s axis, despite the political and weather related turmoil, and I am still posting on WP, even if not as much as in the past.  Election Day is in just 16 days, and with so much on the line here in Virginia, it’s hard to think of anything else.  My home is being used as base of operations for several candidates, and there’s lots going on.

In a nice change of pace, I’ve been home for the last two weekends, and I’m happy to report that I’ve spent some time on the bike, and a little time hiking in the mountains.   Mornings have been quiet and misty and lovely.

It doesn’t take long for the mist to burn away, revealing perfect ride days.  The leaves are changing and they fall down around us as we ride.  The many curves of our Southwest Virginia roads make for challenging and incredibly fun riding and the views are breathtaking.  And then there are the bridges.

We love to explore the detail of the old bridges that we come upon, and always hope to find the plaque that reveals the date that the bridge was built


It was less than a 200 mile day, but it was a much needed distraction from the woes of the world.

After enjoying a delicious lunch and a cold beer, we headed back to reality.

25 thoughts on “Ride: Bent Mountain

  1. How I loved to see your house in the woods again 🙂 And great photos of rusty things 😀
    Have to share – we just had a cliff hanger election, but still have changed our government and now have a 37 year old team-playing positive woman as our PM – can’t tell you how much better the future feels already!!

    • Yay for rusty things!
      I’ll be posting soon about another rusty bridge. Happiness!
      How wonderful that you have a young woman as your PM. Very exciting, Pauline! Can’t wait to hear how she governs.

    • It really was AND we found another similar bridge this past Sunday. I’ll be sharing photos of that one soon. Hope you are well, Lisa! I’ll be visiting around the blog world later this evening

    • Hello Derrick. Bridges and other industrial objects do make for great photo subjects, don’t they? We found another great bridge this past Sunday; will post about it soon.
      I plan to visit your place later this evening.

  2. I stop for bridges too 🙂
    I can feel the adrenaline in your writing when you talk about being on the bike and how much fun it would be on a beautiful fall day
    Good luck with the elections!!

    • 13 days until November 7th, and I am worried.
      If people would just come out to vote we would win the day, but there is a tendency toward complacency that frightens me.
      Thank goodness for moments on the bike that bring peace.

  3. What a lovely view of your autumn. Hope the election goes in a positive direction. We need that about now. Loved all the photos. It’s too warm here again. I’m ready for a real cold snap. But a warm sunny day is best for rides. Glad you had a good one. It settles in the soul, doesn’t it?

    • Marlene, I too, am ready for a cold snap!!
      For the first time last night I put on slippers but I could just have easily remained barefooted. I made a comment in a post that I just published about climate change … sigh!
      The election? It will go our way if people avoid complacency and just come out to vote!

    • Virginia is a pivotal state this year and frankly, I am nervous! We so need to see a positive movement in this troubled country of ours.
      So good to hear from you, Alys. I just left a message on your blog.
      Thinking of you and love you, too

  4. I love the photo of your bike on the bridge. Gorgeous! We had a warm fall until last weekend, when the weather started to change. It was in the 40’s today and windy – not a good day for a bicycle or motorcycle. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful day and falling leaves.

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