Share Away, my Snow Loving Sisters and Brothers!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing your beautiful snow images.  Since I’ll be out shoveling the snow, and glorying in the post storm beauty, please, please share a link in the comment section.  I don’t want to miss an image!


21 thoughts on “Share Away, my Snow Loving Sisters and Brothers!

  1. What a good idea! Requesting links to beautiful snow photos. I am going to have to come back and see what is revealed. Have fun in the snow, Laurie. Lots of good challenges to photograph in snow light…

    • Hey Crystal – I’m hoping that people will share a link, but I’m guessing that people are just now finding time to get their photos edited. Lots of shoveling going on!

    • Yes! The shadows on the untouched snow are always so intriguing. Then the snow plows come in, and the show turns brown. For now though? Gorgeous!

    • I love that you described it as “sweet, warm rain”. I’m really a fan of almost any weather that Mother Nature throws at out (well, except for ridiculously hot days).

      • I’m with you. Had a heat stroke at 10 when we moved to Georgia from Germany. Haven’t been able to sweat proper since so heat just makes me very ill. I’m absolutely useless at anything over 80 degrees. The rest is pure delight. 🙂

  2. I don’t have any beautiful snow photos, since your blizzard missed Wisconsin. We had one 12″ snow in December, nothing before or since. I could take a photo of dirty snow… 😉

    Glad you are enjoying the aftermath of the snow, Laurie.

    • I remember you posting about your December snowfall, Mary. We got about 12 inches as well, but my sister in Northern Virginia got close to 3 ft. I got a lot of indoor tasks done, and was glad to get outside today, even if it was to spend hours shoveling.

  3. Yes, we’ve been shoveling, too. We were out in the garden transplanting and replanting. It’s been a warm winter and spring has hit us early. There is just no rest for the weary! 😉 So, I see you survived. Looks like it will be a while before you get back on the bike, though! Just stay safe!

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