After The Fall

Extensive rain and a very heavy snowfall (followed by near record breaking flooding) damaged or destroyed many trees.  I came to this site to photograph a friend as he worked to clear away this downed tree.  The homeowner sure was lucky that the damage wasn’t more extensive!



I’m always saddened when a big beautiful tree goes down.


As I wandered around, taking pictures before, during and after the tree work, I was struck by the colors of the newly revealed wood beneath the bark.








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10 thoughts on “After The Fall

  1. That looks like a scary event. Forces of nature can create the most disastrous consequences. I too feel bad when an old tree falls down. I feel bad just imaging the many years waisted for it to grow and all the many wonderful things it has given us. Great pics.

    • Thanks for taking a look. Force of nature is quite right! I was in my office all day but the pictures of the flooding showed Mother Nature’s power …. the river up and over the banks and flooding parking lots full of cars, moving them around like match sticks. Water is an amazing thing.

    • Oh … I just replied to a comment on your blog (the one with the lovely tree!) about cameras. Specifically, I use a Canon SX 40 HS. Thanks for the comment … I was pretty happy with these, too.

  2. Everything is a photograph awaiting an appreciative. Mine just stopped here. Then I realized we have the same eye…the beauty of wood. Great graphs.

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