Stormy Weather

When I pulled out of the driveway that Saturday morning almost two weeks ago, the skies were slightly overcast and the temperature was 70 degrees F.  It was a lovely day to ride.

As I rode down through the mountains, heading towards the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I was filled with excitement about a week at the beach with the GOAs.  The Girls Of August have been taking a vacation together for over 20 years, and it is one of the highlights of the year for all of us.


After riding 200 miles, I met up with Jan and we began the second half of the trip.  WIth 180 miles to go, and the skies beginning to darken, I was glad to have a friend to share the journey with.  As it became clear that rain was in our path, we transferred my gear from bike to car.


It was such a relief to know that all my gear, including my camera, would stay dry in the car because before we knew it, the skies opened up.  It was a deluge!


For over 100 miles we rode in driving wind and rain, and thunder and lightning.  Headed toward the coast, the road was flat with few opportunities for shelter in this rural part of the state.  At one point, we pulled off the road to seek shelter under an overpass.  I put my feet down at the stop sign, and the water was over the top of my boots!

Several cars and trucks were already idling under the overpass, and I had to laugh at the fact that I had stayed on the road longer than they had.  By the time Jan took these photos, the rain had calmed down a bit and most of the cars had continued on.


You just have to keep smiling and ride safe.


From this point onward, the weather became even worse.  It took all my energy to stay focused on the road, and I’m thankful that I wasn’t a newbie rider.  Imagine going up and over the bridge across the Pamlico Sound. In the dark. In the rain.  When we finally arrived, the only part of me that was dry was my head, thankfully protected by the helmet.  I’m so grateful that Jan had been with me.

How wonderful to have friends to greet us, drinks in hand.



Our time in Nags Head was incredible, and we could not have asked for a better vacation.  We did however, experience one more huge storm.  While enjoying the beach one day, we watched the clouds roll in.

_MG_4744-2 _MG_4591-2 _MG_4746-2 _MG_4594-2


The GOAs started to pack up beach bags and chairs, but being the lover of storms that I am, I decided that I’d stick it out on the beach.  Janet, too, decided to ride it out, and oh what a wild ride it was!


Rain, thunder, lightning, hail.  Our beach towels offered meager protection! I kept my camera covered up inside a bag, and these cell phone images do not do justice to the weather that Mother Nature treated us to that day.  I’m so glad that Janet was there to witness it with me.

_MG_4749-2 20160802_122148-2 _MG_4747-2

When the storm finally settled down, we sent a text up to the house that all was well, and Jan and Becky sooned rejoined us on the beach.  Later that evening, we enjoyed the post storm beauty.

_MG_4796-2 _MG_4775-2

What a gift.

48 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Beautiful shots Laurie 🙂 I’m glad you made it there and back safe and sound despite the weather. lets hope our meet up in October brings much better weather.

    • It truly was a fabulous week, even with those two storms. I do love a storm, even if not necessarily when riding. I’m hoping for a gorgeous fall weekend in NYC. Fingers crossed!

  2. Crazy biker chick!! ❤ There's one photo of the storm clouds gathering over the houses – it looks like a very moody oil painting – what a wonderful shot!! So glad you rode through the storm unharmed – and delighted to hear you outlasted the truckers!! That's my gal!! 🙂

  3. There is no denying that riding in the rain sucks. But to those of us who ride, and understand that rain is just another thing one has to contend with, it’s just another ride. As a rider, you appreciate the fresh smells, the sights and sounds of the storm, and the peace of the aftermath, as you either ride out from under, or the storm passes. Beautiful pics and prose……..

    • Thank you, and you clearly understand riding. It was suprised how narrow my world became with the driving rain, lightning, and thunder. Total concentration and focus on a safe arrival. I was tired but energized at the same time.

  4. Jeez–that rain ride sounds terrifying to me! I’m glad your friend was nearby. My sister has a group of friends, like your GOA, that she skis with every year–they have great time so I can imagine your gathering is excellent, too!

    • I’m so glad that Jan was nearby, too! What a wild ride!
      The GOAs are dear friends, truly some of my best, yet we only see each other twice a year, sometimes more. Our August tradition is a constant in my life, and a necessity, too.

  5. Unless you have done it, you can never understand riding in a storm, rain, hail, snow, whatever. You are one of the the ones that have, it changes you I reckon..

  6. You GOAs got it right again. What a great tradition. Good for you!

    The photos are terrific. We don’t see summer storms like that out here. You must be quite the rider to manage those roads.

  7. Sounds like you had quite the wild ride! Glad to hear you made it safe & sound my friend. Love the pictures on the beach with your towels up over your heads to keep you dry! Hope you had a fabulous time together!

  8. What a great way to get together each year. So glad you had company for the bad weather. Storms on the ocean are special, aren’t they? I like the picture with the wilder waves.

    • You are so right, Lisa. Storms on the ocean are magnificent (of course when there is no destruction). It was pretty energizing. I’ll be sharing a few pictures from the next day when the waves were much bigger and so powerful. Awesome!

    • It really was a vacation to remember. Other than those two storms, which were energizing for sure, the rest of the time was so relaxing, fulfilling, wonderful.

  9. Wowser, what a storm. I’m glad you and Jan were together for the worst of it, and I’m so happy you made it there unharmed. What a day.

    Your photos of the post-storm sunset are breathtaking. What a beautiful place. I love that you get together with this same group of women, year after year. You must have an extraordinary connection and many stories to tell.

    And…you’re adorable.

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  11. I had a boss once who couldn’t understand why I ride in the rain. Called me a temporary Australian.

    I guess unless you’ve done it you’d never understand the feeling of “I beat that”

    Great piccys and story as usual Laurie.


  12. I’m glad I finally got to read this post. Holy Wet Weather!! What a trip to make on a bike!!

    However I really do love thunderstorms and I think I would have been there with you on the beach experiencing that thunderboomer. Great photos on the beach – especially the 2nd one where it looks like a wall of water is coming towards the viewer.

  13. LOL, does LB’s adventures ever get tiresome? No! Not! You nutty nut you 😀 Sitting on the beach under a *towel* through a storm, LOL…I’d be right out there with you. I actually love thunder and lightning and all the shrieks and squeals that come with a good storm. I’m sure glad you weren’t alone on the trip down. My gosh that weather looked really, really bad. You’re a super-trouper Laurie. I’d imagine you’d be cold too once you got soaked. I don’t imagine the first cocktail lasted too long…I’d be calming my nerves all night long. Thanks for sharing your trip, it’s awesome how your friendships get on growing and glowing xoxo K

  14. Beautiful story and photos! I love the beach during stormy weather. Ever since the movie Julia came out (with Jane Fonda as Lillian Hellman and Vanessa Redgrave as her best friend Julia) I have wanted a house like the one Lilli and Dash had on the beach. I think you did a great thing by staying outside to enjoy the storm. BUT I would not say that if you had some bad lightning bolts close by! Glad your rough-weather ride was a safe one.

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