Cold and Wet: Happiness is Snow

Even though it means lots of digging to get the truck out and shoveling the driveway in order to get to work, I am always thrilled when it snows! The warming of the climate has caused so many worse things than alot less snow in Southwest Virginia, but even still I am saddened when we don’t get any. Ten days ago, we had the first snow of the year, and even though it was just a few inches, it made me happy.

This was my view on the way to work at 7:15am

And this was my view on the way home 12 hours later

This past weekend, the forecasters began calling for a significant snow fall, and the predictions started a full week ahead of time. Usually that means that the snow won’t happen but this time, the weather dudes were right! The wet stuff can cause misery, especially for the homeless and the less fortunate, but since it started on a Sunday, I was lucky enough to be able to just enjoy it, and photograph it, even if the photos were from my cellphone.

The frigid temps gave the beautiful fluffy stuff an icy coating, but we shoveled enough to get the vehicles ready for the morning commute.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that snow makes for a beautiful landscape.

Stay warm and safe, ya’ll!

16 thoughts on “Cold and Wet: Happiness is Snow

  1. I’m happy you got your snow fix this year. You sure got some gorgeous photos! I don’t really mind a bit of white throughout the season, but here, it comes with crazy cold weather. This year especially. Last week, when the temps jumped suddenly, it rained. Then back down deep in the -20C’s. Pretty much a weather palooza, each day is a surprise. Be it good or bad, I agree with your creative eye, snowy landscapes make awesome photos and apparently a good workout too! That driveway is bananas πŸ’—πŸ₯° xK

    • Kelly, I thought of you this past weekend. We were in Pittsburgh and woke up to 5 degrees F (which I think is -15 degrees C). The difference? Sun, no wind, no precipitation. It made all the difference in comfort!
      and YES! the driveway is bananas! Love you!

  2. I’ve been enjoying the snow, too. We haven’t had any for a few years (four?) and now we’ve had 9 inches in the first two weeks of January–all a manageable three or so inches at a time. It’s a delight to watch fall and to go walking in. Stay safe and warm!

    • I’m so glad that you’ve had manageable snow, too! We both remember back in the days of 2 FT snowfalls. Were you in the DC area when the Air Florida flight crashed into the bridge? Tragic!

      • I was working at 2000 L St and we felt it hit. What an evening that was. I am glad not to have the snow hurricanes recently, but just saw the weather folks are watching a storm thinking it could turn into one. If it does, I hope it drops 6 inches…

  3. What gorgeous photos! We don’t get snow where I live now, but I love the sense of serenity and the stark beauty of these snow images, which do bring back childhood memories. So thank you for sharing!

    • You are so right about those childhood memories. I worry the day that children don’t have memories of snow. Sadness!
      Even still, I am so glad that this images reminded you of happy times!

  4. Your photos really capture the sense of stillness that I remember from my early days in Canada when it snowed. Of course I didn’t have to drive then nor shovel it off the driveway. You are working very long days, Laurie. I’m glad you’re finding time to post. We’re having another dry, dry, dry January, and warm temps as well. It’s both beautiful and a tad distressing. Enjoy, enjoy.

    • Dry, dry January makes me so sad, Alys. My book group just read Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy. It was a beautifully written book but tragic from a climate change perspective. It was very hard for me to read so therefore I do not recommend it for you as your heart is more tender than mine. Sigh … 6

      • I apprecitate your perspectives and the warning on the book as well. Like you, we’ve had weeks of warm, dry weather, sometimes ten degrees above seasonal norms. Our poor planet. I hope it’s not too late. 😦

  5. Laurie, where is your snowblower? That’s a lot of driveway to shovel!

    Beautiful photos! I do love snow, especially when it’s a little wet and clings to the trees and landscape. Here it’s been frigid cold and that’s what I dislike most. Give me temps in the 20’s and 30’s, along with the occasional snowfall, and I’m happy. This below zero and single digit weather is for polar bears and penguins. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Mary! Greg and I were just talking about a snowblower. I’ve managed to shovel the driveway these last 27 yrs, but it sure would make getting to work easier with a blower!
      Hope you are staying warm. What a storm this past weekend on coast!

  6. I agree with Kelly! That driveway is bananas!! The first thing I thought when I saw that photo is that I would not want to drive on it. I enjoyed shoveling when I lived in Vermont, or Massachusetts, because usually after a big snow was big sun. If I shoveled the driveway quickly, the sun would take care of the rest. Your love of snow comes through in the photos. I feel your excitement even in the stillness of the scenes.

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