24 Hours in Bristol

Covid-19 Update:  Since I picked back up on blogging, I’ve been sharing brief updates about our travels.  Rest assured, we are taking precautions.  Wearing masks, eating outdoors or take out (or in empty restaurants), and hand sanitizing. 

We are doing our part to keep ourselves and therefore, others, safe!


Bristol Virginia and Bristol Tennessee are two cities that share more than a name.  They share a Main Street!  State Street, which runs through the middle of these two cities is the official state line, and the iconic sign shown below is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bristol, Viriginia was officially designated the Birthplace of Country Music by the U.S. Congress in 1998, and the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, attracts 75,000 visitors per year.

Bristol, Tennessee is the home of the Bristol Motor Speedway, a place that hosts a fantastic holiday light show which runs for 8 weeks throughout the holiday season.  Part of the proceeds from the lightshow support the Speedway Children’s Charities.

Recently, Greg and I spent 24 hours in Bristol … both Bristols!

We stayed at The Bristol Hotel, a “Virginia remix of a Tennessee Classic” built in 1925 and recently renovated into a gorgeous boutique hotel.

We enjoyed cocktail hour on the rooftop bar, enjoying the views of the city and of the Appalachian Mountains.

After that, we spent a couple hours winding our way through the lightshow at the Motor Speedway.  What fun!

Brunch at Vivian’s Table the next morning offered delicious food and fun photography.

It was a quick, but super fun getaway in the middle of this busy holiday season.

I truly hope that you are finding some moments of happy during these difficult days.

Stay Safe! Wear a Mask!

10 thoughts on “24 Hours in Bristol

    • And evidently, the Virginia side is in a bit of financial trouble, while the Tennessee side is doing okay. We had a fun time! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  1. Looks like you had a great time and are planning a great Christmas. My daughter and I will have a quiet one at home staying extra safe. We were trying to watch the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn tonight but we have rain/clouds. Lets hope this brings us a great new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Laurie.

    • We had clouds here, too, and completely missed the stars! Would have loved to have seen that. I am so glad that you and your daughter will be together. We will travel to Atlanta to see my son (who I just cannot have be alone in that big city). We will be safe and have all tested negative. I’m going to pop over to your place and see what’s up! XO

  2. Hello lovely and Mr Lovely ( 🤣) ! How fantastic for these communities to be connected in this way. We have a city like this called Lloyminster. It’s half in Alberta and half in Saskatchewan divided by Main Street. But operated entirely as an Alberta city for fiscal matters . They also adopt MST, unlike the rest of Saskatchewan, that doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time. So the next town over is 1 hour ahead during the winter months, LOL.
    Super fab that they’ve saved the building and renovated for a Boutique Hotel. It looks beautiful.
    Travel safely, stay healthy and have a beautiful Christmas with your Andrew. I’m happy he will have you both during the holidays xoxo Much love K

    • Good Morning honey!! I am running out the door for work but wanted to thank you for always stopping here and making comments. You are just so darn fun and I cannot wait until Greg and I can make it to your neck of the woods, so to speak. Love you much!
      I think you would love the Bristol Hotel and that rooftop bar / restaurant is lovely (better in warmer temps I am sure!) ❤

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