Wilderness Road State Park

Covid-19 Update:  Since I picked back up on blogging, I’ve been sharing brief updates about our travels.  Rest assured, we are taking precautions.  Wearing masks, eating outdoors or take out (or in empty restaurants), and hand sanitizing.  We are doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe!


Wilderness Road State Park is just about the farthest western point in the state of Virginia.  The park lies astride the Wilderness Road, a route carved by Daniel Boone in 1775.  The route, which followed a buffalo trace, opened America’s first western frontier.

Overlooking the park are the White Rocks, a ridge of 500 foot sandstone cliffs overlooking Powell Valley.  Follow this link to see an image of these gorgeous sandstone cliffs from the air.

The park is also home to a small herd of buffalo.  It broke my heart a bit to see them behind an electric fence.  I tried hard to capture an image that did not include the fence, but no such luck.  These impressive animals seemed sad to me, so I have to confess that I was glad when one of them stomped a foot and showed anger when I got a bit too close.

The park also features a replica of Martin’s Station, a colonial frontier fort that was on this site in 1775.

State Parks are the perfect way to combine the beauty of nature and a love of history.


13 thoughts on “Wilderness Road State Park

  1. Beautiful park, Laurie, and love your close-up shots of the buffalo. I suppose the fence was there for a reason (to keep you safe), but it’s so cool to see them without one. Many. years ago, they were roaming around Custer State Park in South Dakota, but I kept my distance. They are not an animal to mess with!

  2. You’ve been missed, Laurie. Good to see you back! Why are the Buffalo behind electrical fences? I felt such sadness when I saw the buffalo. They are meant to range and move freely? *sigh of frustration* Your pictures just spoke of such hugeness and freedom. Thank you so much!

    • Hello AmyRose – I’m a bit behind on responding to comments. Thanks so much for your kind words about me and also for sharing the sadness about these animals. They just don’t roam freely in the eastern part of the country anymore 😦

  3. Well now, or as you’d say, “what now?” 😀 It doesn’t get more wilderness’ish than that does it. It looks totally vacant of urban nonsense. No Starbucks, no wine store, just good ol’ Martin’s Station. Maybe he’d have a cold one on hand, ha! I’m with you on the Buffalo, sad that they can’t roam free. We have a park about an hours drive, called Elk Island National Park. They also have a herd of Buffalo there. Some Karen’s have been a bit too casual about social distancing and have been charged. So, careful little one, you don’t want to be a crunched Karen 😂xx ❤️ Thanks for the midday adventure!

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