I’ve always been told that Peonies and Ants have a symbiotic relationship, but a little research revealed that not all believe this to be true.

What say you, my gardening friends?

Good Friends and Glass

My good friends, Tim and Joe (who is probably also your good friend) are helping me to find some new glass.


In my previous post, I commented that I needed some more zoom, and those who know Joe will not be surprised to learn that he generously took time out of his busy life to do some research for me.  Knowing that the campaign is offering me precious few free moments, I’m so grateful to Joe!


Like Joe, my long time dear friend Tim, has started using a mirrorless camera, and he offered to let me play around with one of his Canon lenses.  How cool is that?  What an incredible guy!


I’ll be participating in a couple campaign events this weekend and I look forward to continuing to try out this new lens.

How fortunate am I to have such great friends?

‘Tis Pleasing to Me

My contribution to Monochromia today …


Happy 4th of July to those in the States, and for everyone else … Happy Day!  And if you haven’t visited Monochromia yet, please do!

Finding Calm with Photography

Preparation for an important community event has challenged my time management, and my organizational and leadership skills.  My heart has been racing and my body has been in what seems like non-stop motion.  As I prepared to run out the door for the final trip to the store, I was stopped by the sight of the flowers a friend had given me before Thanksgiving.


While their beauty is starting to fade just a bit, I find that the muted colors are deeply appealing.


Even better though, the flowers, so pretty in the morning sunlight, made me stop and grab the camera.


And I found myself relaxing.

Those of us who are addicted to our cameras and to what our eyes move us to capture, know that photography is a form of therapy.

Time, often spent alone, to shoot, and breath, and then to shoot some more.


Before I knew it, I was heading out the door with a smile on my face.

Perhaps you’ll find a little therapy today, too!

Colorful Moments in Charlottesville

Weekend travel for other than pleasure?  Make the most of it!


Whether walking the grounds of The Boars Head Inn,

_MG_8397-2 _MG_8398-2

Or exploring the downtown walking mall,

IMG_8448-2 IMG_8453-2

Be on the lookout for the bright and the beautiful

IMG_8451 - Copy-2

and enjoy those free moments.

Between a Wall and the Sidewalk

Even though I was balancing my camera, a plate of Stilton Cheese with Lemon Zest, and most importantly, the first Lemon Tart I’d ever made, I was distracted by this bright yellow flower growing out of the sidewalk.  So, you know I just had to put everything down and shoot.


 After all, yellow was definitely the theme of the evening.


Still Summer

The calendar says Sept 4th,


3 days after Labor Day,


the traditional “end of summer”.

In my garden though, summer is still here!


Each morning, I get to enjoy seeing the flowers that still grace the space outside my kitchen door.

And thankfully, my basil is still growing beautifully!


It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted some macro shooting (even though I don’t have a macro lens) and I decided I needed practice.  You, my dear blogger friends, are my guinea pigs.  As fall approaches,  I’ll definitely be practicing more!

In the meantime, I want to thank you for inspiring me with your craft, whatever it may be; for making me laugh; for causing me to sigh with both happiness and in thought, and for being here on WordPress with me!

No Deer Here!

So, why is it that my dentist can grow fields of Day Lillies, yet not one bud makes it to flower in my yard?


No kidding! The deer have eaten Every. Single. Solitary. Bud.

In 15 years, I’ve only seen ONE bud make it to bloom.


Yet on Friday, I pulled into my dentist’s office parking lot, and all I saw were thousands of lillies.  Seriously! Thousands!


Absolutely gorgeous!


Makes the whole process of dental work easier 🙂