Finding Calm with Photography

Preparation for an important community event has challenged my time management, and my organizational and leadership skills.  My heart has been racing and my body has been in what seems like non-stop motion.  As I prepared to run out the door for the final trip to the store, I was stopped by the sight of the flowers a friend had given me before Thanksgiving.


While their beauty is starting to fade just a bit, I find that the muted colors are deeply appealing.


Even better though, the flowers, so pretty in the morning sunlight, made me stop and grab the camera.


And I found myself relaxing.

Those of us who are addicted to our cameras and to what our eyes move us to capture, know that photography is a form of therapy.

Time, often spent alone, to shoot, and breath, and then to shoot some more.


Before I knew it, I was heading out the door with a smile on my face.

Perhaps you’ll find a little therapy today, too!

41 thoughts on “Finding Calm with Photography

    • Morning Bruce, you are up early out there on the West Coast. I was so wrapped up in the big event this weekend that I haven’t even had a chance to check blogs this weekend. I’ll be visiting soon! Lovely to hear from you this morning. LB

    • Thank you, Edith. Even when I’m wishing I’d captured something differently or when I don’t have much time to work on the processing, as with these, it is still therapeutic!

  1. I just love your Monday posts. Your weekend exploits, shared in your photos and accompanying thoughts, are such a joy to read and a wonderful way to launch into the week. Thank you for the “calm” in the midst of the seasonal whirlwind!!!! Hugs……………………..

    • What a lovely comment, Doreen. Thank you! I know you are working hard up there in the cold country. I’m hoping you are surrounded by goodness, too. You deserve it!

      • So far, it’s been a very interesting beginning to the winter! A white November has given way to a very brown December and, “they” forecast, will remain so through Christmas!!! We all had anticipated a repeat of last year…guess not! So far the freezing rains haven’t curtailed driving……too much!!!! Let the Christmas gatherings….continue……………Hugs…………….

  2. Laurie it is a beautiful thing to be able to allow yourself to be stopped by light on flowers. I feel as though these photos helped me calm down too. (December can seem crazy) Have a full and satisfying month and enjoy your photography therapy.

    • December is so overly full, isn’t it? I started to fuss at myself for stopping, shooting, and then making a blog post to schedule … but it truly was just what I needed!
      Take care my friend and enjoy the loveliness of the season amidst the crazy!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful post, Laurie! You’ve put into words exactly what I’ve come to love about photography. In the midst of chaos, putting my eye to the viewfinder transports me to my own little world, even in the midst of a crowd. Here’s to photo therapy! 🙂

    • Yes! Exactly! Even in a crowd. And that’s another interesting thing for me. I am such an extrovert, and have found that the camera allows me to retreat behind the lens. It’s pretty nice, right? I love your term “transports me to my own little world”.

  4. What a lovely post, Laurie! This is exactly how I feel on my walks in the woodlands or to the nearby river. Taking time to note and reflect on the little things is calming and soothing.

    • It truly is the little things that offer us a reprieve from the go – go – go, isn’t it?
      How fortunate we both are to be surrounded by nature (my property is much smaller but being tree surrounded is wonderful).

  5. Stopping to look. That’s the key – and whatever your mode might be, its good! Wee done to you for bringing a little bit of centredness back – and for having sun light in near the middle of winter! xoxo

    • Yes, that sun was so great! Especially because we had lots of boxes, bags, and other items to transport from home to truck to event space (repeat) and it made the day so mucy nicer. Cool temps but not cold and lots of sunlight. AND the event was a success!!

      • [Wee done to you? WELL done!! I must have typed that before my coffee was finished]

        Most pleased to hear the weather behaved and the event was a success too. My daughter just moved house and the weather behaved for her too – a most propitious event given the current no-show of our summer! [again!]

  6. So well said with the most beautiful photos to prove your point. Stop, breath and take it all in and relax and appreciate. Like I said to you the other day, your mindfullness speaks through your photos.
    Thank you for showing that the world is beautiful! Hugs form Ohio, Johanna

    • Thank you, Joe. I almost made a comment in the post, something to the effect of “I really didn’t have time to work the photos well” or “the photos aren’t as good as they could be” but that would have defeated the point. It is all about taking the time … and yes! To smell the flowers 🙂

  7. Oh, Laurie, these photos calm me right down. They’re beautiful. Just what I need to lull me to sleep. (For some reason, I always get your post late at night.)

    You’re so right about stopping, looking, and engaging with what you see.

  8. How smart you were, to answer the call of the flowers! Sometimes, it seems that slowing down, just for a few moments, puts everything back into perspective. Lovely shots!

    • Yes! and thank you!
      You must be hip deep in candy about now and trying to find some slower, quieter moments. I’m hoping to catch up on blogs this week, here and there. I’ll look forward to seeing what creative you has been up to!

  9. Oooh yes. I love it when I have a camera in my hand. I was photographing lightning last night (well trying to anyway). The problem was my anxiety levels kept going up because the grandchildren followed me outside and were dancing and playing around my tripod. Heart in my mouth the whole time.

    • Good for you!! Glad you are slowing down a bit! I’m hoping to use this week to come home after work, put my house to rights, and enjoy putting up a bit of Christmas.
      Thanks for the link! I do love that one 🙂

  10. Beautifully said, Laurie. I’m glad you stopped and took the time, camera in hand, for a bit of artistic therapy. Your captures are exquisite, a small slice of your everyday life. I always want to step just inside the photo. That is one of your gifts to us. The ability to see what you see and share.

    I hope your event was as successful as it deserved to be. I love your heart and your passion.

  11. Hello my dear. Oh man, how am I so far behind?

    I need some calming therapy to get me through the next couple of days. I haven’t wrapped Mr B’s gifts yet. Gads. I love that your camera is such a good friend. There to take the sting out of the day or just as you demonstrated so eloquently, relax you. My favourite shot is the final one LB. The light is in that perfect spot and the reflection allows you to have twice as many flowers as you did before the shot, LOL

    • Well I certainly know why you are so far behind, but I appreciate you taking the time to visit here anyway.
      You take the time to make lovely gifts for other people and send them around the world! The timing and organization of doing that, in addition to the creativity involved, just amazes me!
      Your package arrived today but I’ve not opened it yet. Today I worked at the office and then worked (happily) at home in preparation for Andrew to arrive. We’ve had such a lovely evening!!
      So … I decided to savor the package and will open it tomorrow, on Christmas.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and sharing your time and talent with me. That is a gift in itself.

      • Awww, sounds like you’re spending the day in the perfect way. Time with Andrew with quiet visits and good R&R. You’re very welcome for this VERY small parcel. Just the best feeling knowing that we’ll soon spend time together for real hugs and laughs. I can’t wait for the New Year! Sending love your way! xo K

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