Good Friends and Glass

My good friends, Tim and Joe (who is probably also your good friend) are helping me to find some new glass.


In my previous post, I commented that I needed some more zoom, and those who know Joe will not be surprised to learn that he generously took time out of his busy life to do some research for me.  Knowing that the campaign is offering me precious few free moments, I’m so grateful to Joe!


Like Joe, my long time dear friend Tim, has started using a mirrorless camera, and he offered to let me play around with one of his Canon lenses.  How cool is that?  What an incredible guy!


I’ll be participating in a couple campaign events this weekend and I look forward to continuing to try out this new lens.

How fortunate am I to have such great friends?

19 thoughts on “Good Friends and Glass

  1. Love the picture of the dock. I am seriously thinking of taking a photography course to get me going on using my camera in manual mode. I know everyone says just play around but I never seem to have enough time.

    • You know, Lynn, a few years ago I was in the same place. Wanting to take a class.
      Instead, I did research and found the right camera for me. A friend gave me a great book about it, and I began to go chapter by chapter to learn the camera.
      BUT I never got past Chapter 3 … ran out of time … you know how that is.
      Anyway, I carry my camera with me everywhere. I have a big black purse that I put the camera and all my other “purse” items in. Because it is always with me, I can practice at a moment’s notice. Camera accessiblity has really helped me grow as a photographer. Even though I have so much to learn, I expect to put more time into it once the campaign is over.
      Good luck!

  2. Of course you have great friends – no-one deserves them more than you! I am running behind in visiting blogs due to a super busy week and a house full of beautiful family – but came by here anyway just to check in. The photos are lovely even though I have NO idea what you are talking about 🙂 Sending big hugs LB and lots of strength and vim and vigor to get you through this last haul xoxo

  3. Fun and exciting and what nice friends you have! 🙂 These images are gorgeous, such beautiful color, focus and dof…don’t know what lens this is but it’s working for you!

  4. SO fortunate you are, Laurie, to have such a good friend to let you use his lens! I know how I feel about mine …. just precious!! LOVED your images especially the flowers. What lens are you using? Curious minds would really like to know. And there really is a place for those mirrorless cameras. They are LIGHT to carry!! LOL No, they do not take as good a pic as my Canon, yet I am learning tricks to make the pics look as if they have been taken by a DSLR camera. Heehehehe Keep playing, my friend!!! BE a kid again!!! LOL Love, Amy ❤

  5. What a great idea! Try out some glass before you purchase. That was a thoughtful offer from Tim. I like the yellow flower so much, because the whole scene is there, and my mind can put it all together even though the background is blurry.

  6. Snap, Laurie. I’ve gotten way way behind on your beautiful posts. I’m glad I have time tonight to see your travels, events and beautiful views of nature. The yellow yarrow photo is brilliant and your first photo, Omgosh LB! Takes me back to the lake but honest, I don’t remember it ever looking it like this. Love the look of the water and reflections. Did you post edit at all? Gorgeous! xo K

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