17 thoughts on “Memorial Day in Radford

  1. Oh, my, Laurie, these are beautiful photos. I’m always slack-jawed with awe at your estimable talent.
    And Memorial Day is a very special day to me from as long ago as I can recall. A parade in our little hometown village celebrating and honoring our service men and women and then a truly moving service at the local cemetery with a moving speech, the rifle works and taps in the distance. I always left humbled and I miss that hometown day with all my heart.
    I hope yours was warm and memorable.

  2. I’m always inspired by your big heart and the capacity for taking on so many projects in your community. You’re a really special girl and your community surely knows it. Bravo LB. The American flag is always front and centre and I think that’s wonderful. Love that photo. I wouldn’t consider Canadians less patriotic really, just less apt to display pride in a big way. Jim and I have a giant Canadian Flag, In the past, we’ve display it on July 1st on our front door (Canada Day). Do you have a flag hanging on the house? I see that a lot when driving thru America. I’m sure the memories of the times are mixed with plenty of sadness for many seniors or now grown children of that era. Now, with those still serving in Iraq there’s new service to remember. I wonder if there’ll ever be a day when great loss won’t be part of the equation? xo ❤ k

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