Between a Wall and the Sidewalk

Even though I was balancing my camera, a plate of Stilton Cheese with Lemon Zest, and most importantly, the first Lemon Tart I’d ever made, I was distracted by this bright yellow flower growing out of the sidewalk.  So, you know I just had to put everything down and shoot.


 After all, yellow was definitely the theme of the evening.


32 thoughts on “Between a Wall and the Sidewalk

  1. My goodness, you know how to live! I love lemon tart! I love blue cheese – and lemon zest? That I’ve never done…… Where though, I am wondering, was the wine? Was it perhaps already there and cooling to just the right amount of chill factor to accompany the delicious food? Where is ‘down’ I also wonder – I thought I might see a photo of the plates of food on the sidewalk grouped lovingly about the bright flower – but no, ‘down’ was thankfully elsewhere. 🙂 I also love the stony paving, or is it wall – I cannot decide. I am SO impressed that even whilst balancing precious camera and food you still notice nature smiling at you! 🙂

    • Yes! There was wine! and no, not on the sidewalk – although the image of plates on the sidewalk is a good one!
      I was walking in to the home of a friend, where a birthday party awaited, and even though I worried about the Tart sliding off the plate, I still stopped to photograph the flower. Crazy!
      It was my first tart and even though the shortbread crust looked kind of like the battlements atop a castle wall, the result was tasty.
      But that wall and pavement … isn’t it great? Definitely eye catching!

    • Yes … I was definitely torn as I was already worried that it would slide off the plate! I was like a new mom, guarding her first born Lemon Tart! Until I saw that flower … 🙂

    • Ha! Pauline knows me well, and so do you 🙂
      We do love our grape! The fun thing on this particular evening was that a friend’s mother and brother brought some very old wines and we got to have a fun little tasting of those and of some homemade blackberry and basil cordials. Pretty fun!

  2. You say distracted, I say aware. Too often, we fail to notice the beauty right before our eyes. Good for you for giving up your tart, even for a moment, to capture this beautiful shot:)

    • Thank you, Lynn. That is what photographers have in common, isn’t it? Seeing what some others might not see, no matter the difference in subject.

  3. OK, my question is how do you eat cheese with lemon zest. And more importantly, why? Nw I’m going to have to try it for myself. I imagine you grate the lemon and sprinkle it on the cheese, then eat? With crackers or bread? Or just the wine? Oh, and nice pictures! 🙂

    • I wish I was clever enough to make my own cheese, but actually I bought it. The lemon zest was within the cheese and gave it just a hint of lemon flavor. Yummy! and no cracker needed … but definitely wine!

    • Thanks for the flower ID. It was hard not to stop with that bright color against the stone and cement, but yes, the camera is rarely far from the fingertips!!

  4. Mouth watering. That tart looks delicious. I’m impressed with all baking efforts. It seems as much art as science, certainly the presentation of it. I’m glad you could deliver it safely without weeds and gravel on top. I would have completely understood though.

    When I see flowers growing through the crack of a sidewalk or other unexpected places, I’m reminded of the resilience of nature. Thanks for this treat of a post.

    • Somehow I missed this comment, Alys. Like this flowers, when I see trees growing out of rock slides, or, as you say, other unexpected place, I am reasurred that no matter how hard we are on our planet, some natural things perservere!

  5. Gads, you are a woman of many talents, First you dazzle us as a, bandana clad, camera wielding, Harley riding, boot wearing, fire fighting, single home owning, professional. Now I’m to learn you also know your way around the kitchen and can make my pastry denied tastebuds water? Next thing I know, you’ll be wearing a super woman cape you sewed up yourself from the drapes. Well guess what? Carol Burnett has scooped you on that one, LOL You’re an amazing gal LB. How charming for the dazzling little yellow flower to entertain your yellow festival of food. Your rocks are no match for that little golden face reaching out for the sun, I wish to have ‘flower-power’ today. Have a good one! xoxK

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