You Want S’More?

The temperatures are cooler, the skies are clearer, the leaves show early color change, and the smell of wood smoke is in the air.  Don’t you just love fall?

My friends welcomed us to their back yard this past Sunday evening for the first fire of the fall season.  Their backyard is a sanctuary of happiness … surrounded by woods, flower / vegetable gardens, an awesome fire pit, and privacy.  Deb made homemade marshmellows, and we all brought the fixins for S’Mores, Hot Dogs, Kettle Corn, and a favorite beverage.


Seriously! Homemade marshmellows!


As the moon rose in the sky, our happiness deepened



Folks … these are the simples pleasures in life … be sure to take time to enjoy them!


And if you’ve read this far, and would like to offer your opinion:  I’m researching and planning my move to an SLR.  When I realize that I am more often less than satisfied with the results of my photographic efforts, I realize I am ready.

Your recommendation?

23 thoughts on “You Want S’More?

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year…for all the reasons you stated!
    Camera recommendations…that’s a tough one. It’s kinda like a Ford/Chevy thing. Although I’m a Nikon guy. The best thing to do in my opinion, is to find a camera store….not easy these days…and see how various brands and models feel in your hand. Look through the viewfinders…some are brighter and larger than others. Some models are extremely lightweight. I like a body with a bit of heft to it…sturdiness and all that. And they come in a wide range of prices. Talk to a “knowledgeable” sales person and discuss your needs. I good sales person will help you find what you need or want, and not try to sell you something out of your budget or push one model over the other. For more info…send me an email… and I will be glad to offer some more DSLR buying tips.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll take you up on that … I’m going to do a bit of research on those things you mentioned as well as cost. I really appreciate your offer of help.

  2. LB, we are not quite there yet, but your post makes me smile with anticipation! I did however enjoy that very same moon! Wasn’t it spectacular?

    As for cameras, well, I am not the person to ask. My only recommendation is to be sure you have a good, sturdy, tripod, and then remember to pack it on every outing! (Seriously, the older I get, the more blurred my photos become, and I always forget my tripod!) 😛

    • Isn’t it great knowing that moon lovers all over watching together :-).
      And as for that tripod … I have a small one but need one bigger … but then there’s the old motorcycle dilemma. Ha! I’ll figure it out.

  3. Great post and the it’s the simple things in life that matter. Good friends, food and of course drink – what more does anyone need. BTW I love the smell of wood burning which is why each fall we make the trek to upstate NY (besides the colorful leaves). Have a great day LB 😀

    • Thanks Joe … the nice thing about this time of year? It’s still warm enough for me to sit here on the couch doing paper / computer stuff with the door to the screen porch open. Someday I’ll hit upstate NY! It’s gotta be amazing in the fall!

      • Oh it is between the foliage the mountains the fresh picked apples and cider it’s great. Plus there are Micro Breweries popping up all over.

  4. sounds and looks wonderful…used to love a nice fire, don’t get the opportunity anymore! love the moon shot! As for camera…so personal, my suggestion would do as much research as you can, on exactly what is important to you now, then find a camera store…I’m a Nikon person but I’m so new at it that I’m afraid I wouldn’t really be of help…

    • It is a big decision. I need to do some online research, look at cost, and then try a few out. It’s a fun learning process, isnt it? I truly love my bridge camera. It’s perfect for use on the motorcycle and it’s made me happy when folks think I’m using an SLR. BUT it’s time!! 🙂

      • I began with my iPhone, I had a bridge camera but my iPhone took better photos 🙂 …I agree, it really is a big decision…I did my research and even with that made a mistake in a lens I purchased. I’m sure I’ll eventually use it. Having said that I knew right from the beginning I wanted a camera & lens that I would rarely change up…I wanted to be able to take my camera with me everywhere, taking everything from macros to landscapes, and I do, without all the gear that comes with having to change lenses…I eventually settled on a 55mm x 200 lens…it is right for where I am in my photography, and how I want to use my camera…but…I’m sure that will change at some point! It was overwhelming at first…until I took a step back and accepted how I wanted to use my camera, then it was much easier… here is a website I found helpful for comparisons…
        good luck in your research…

  5. Nice moon shot! I had a really nice tripod, but I let my son have it when he went to college, and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet. I have a Nikon SLR that I love. My son bought himself a Canon and he’s happy with that. Six of one, a half dozen of another . . . with so much choice now, a lot depends on personal taste, like someone else said above.

    Oh, and homemade marshmallows are divine!!

  6. Speaking of cooler temperatures, this morning here it was 2 C before dawn. That’s about 36 F. Pretty chilly but then later in the day, it was bright, sunny and warm. I always liked warming up by the fire after a walk over to a neighbours in the dark (no street lights where we lived). Buddy would lay around too until we all headed to bed. Just awesome.

  7. This is the time of year that is hard for me to be in Florida! Everyone is celebrating the coolness and change of season with the fall colors…we just stay flat green here. LOL! I will just have to live through you and the others to see fall. Just loved this post.

    • Thanks so much, Laurie. My sister lived in Florida for 14 years and one time arranged to have a big box of fall leaves sent down for the children to play in! Clever! Come on up and see us!! 🙂

  8. Wow, these photos are AMAZING! And make me literally ache with longing for the East Coast and the fall season in general. I will enjoy vicariously through your blog for the time being. Looking forward to hearing what camera you get too. Did you make a decision?

    • I do think it’s going to be a beautiful fall, and I’ll keep you in mind as I shoot the signs of the changing season. As for the camera … I’ve been doing some reading and research. I have a friend who is the master at finding good quality used equipment. I may try something used first … my new bike strained the budget a bit 🙂

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