After They Fall

The ever so slight rainfall, a mild wind, and many falling leaves this morning, made for such a lovely moment.  Perhaps it was the joy of being outside and feeling better.  I very much wish that I knew how to capture that moment in words or by camera.  It was quite peaceful.


I wasn’t able to get closer so I overcropped the images, and that reduced the clarity a bit

But you know? I liked them anyway!  🙂


Cheers to all of you who visit today!

31 thoughts on “After They Fall

  1. I have taken several very good abstract shots right at the curb outside my home. Sometimes you don’t have to go far. There may be some interesting objects in your home, or a curved reflective surface. There are always possibilities.

      • Thank you and glad you enjoy them. I was always attracted to that sort of thing but only learned recently how to make it work.

  2. I think the photos came out beautiful LB. I bet it feels wonderful to finally get outside and feel a little better. What a wonderful time of year. Have a great day Laurie 😀

  3. good to hear you are venturing outside…always nice to smell the fresh air! I like the photos as well…sometimes cropping is necessary! I think your words speak volumes…

  4. Nice! I adore this time of year, with falling leaves at the top of my adoration. I’m so glad you made it outdoors. I think fresh air and movement, however small, lifts the spirits. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better, and happy to that you know not to overdo it.

    Great metaphor “after they fall.”

    • It’s weird, and not at all like me, to have been inside for so long. The nausea from concussion have hampered time in the car, and the messed up ankle and leg have prevented much walking. BUT both are so much better and I definitely plan to get out some this weekend. YAY!

      • Concussions take time to heal and given the severity of your accident, you’ll no doubt test your own patience as you get well.

        I’m really sorry this happened to you. You’re dealing with a lot, though dealing with all of it so well.

    • Thanks Crystal!! I’m really trying to behave … I do not want any set backs 🙂 Hope you have a fun hike planned for the weekend. Or at least some outdoor time!

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