Each day for the past week I have driven by this field and been distracted by the colors and the stripes.


Bike Trip in Five Days!

24 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. I love the striping in these shots LB, I could just imagine what these fields would look like from an aerial view. It kind of reminds me of the people in my area that love to stripe their lawns to look like a MLB ballpark, LOL. Have a wonderful day 😀

    • It’s funny how some love to do that to their lawns, and yes this is similar. I can’t imagine mowing my lawn TWICE to get that affect.

    • Yes! I’m finally leaving this Friday. The plan is to ride through the Great Smokey National Park … of course, it is shut down for the most part (ugh!) but at least the road is open. Then on to the Asheville, NC area and then Boone. 3-4 days depending … 🙂

  2. Many of my blogging friends are traveling this fall, LB. Not us. We are too busy spending our money at home and fix’n stuff! I could use a little break right about now. I do hope you have a wonderful and safe journey, and I can’t wait to see your pictures! They are going to be awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks Heather! I’m getting excited … my first day I’ll be riding through the Great Smokey National Park, and of course our ridiculous politicians have closed it down. It’ll make for a nice ride none the less!

  3. Gasp, The golden days of October with the promise of next years crops waving at you as you go by. I just love the sun at this time of year. You’ve caught two early show offs in the forest too, soon the neighbouring tree’s will join in the party and shazzam……Mother Nature slaps every living artist in the face with the beauty of fall.

    • You said it perfectly ….”early show offs”. Those two trees, just a small part of the whole image, really catch the eye, don’t they! You have the best way with words!

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