Warm Enough to Ride

Just one week ago, it was so cold that I had to jump start the bike.

Β Today though, for a brief time it was 60 degrees and while I had not yet finished with the post Thanksgiving clean up, I knew I wanted to ride, even for just a little while. With the sun low in the sky, I pulled away from the house.


I’d only been riding for 20 minutes when I pulled over to get the camera out of my the saddlebag.


The setting sun cast everything in a golden glow, and when back on the road, the wind was cool but comfortable.


Safety dictated that I get on back home, but I’m grateful to have had even a little time with the wind in my face.


53 thoughts on “Warm Enough to Ride

  1. Well, I am totally envious! I was just thankful that Thanksgiving didn’t have freezing rain, or some such!!!!! Keeping my mind focused on quilting……it helps a little (’til peeps post scrumptious photos like…………………………………………….).LOL! Hugs………………

      • Thank you so much!!!!!! I really do appreciate your “warm thoughts”!!!!!! Everyone, here, is absolutely thrilled with the prospect of the 30’s for the foreseeable future!!!!!

  2. Yep, the bike photo is so fun! It’s so great when creative ideas pay off like this one. You are too funny: 20 minutes into the ride you have to pull over and get your camera. I can identify with that. And how about when you’re around others? The people who know me are learning to expect to hear: “Wait! Stop the car! Just for a second. I’ll be right back.”

  3. Wow! Such depth of field on that corn photo [see I’ve been paying attention to Joe’s tutorials πŸ™‚ ]
    I felt like I could reach out and touch the texture! The bike shot is superb – that’s a keeper and a framer! The colours are so lovely I’m beginning to feel dissatisfaction with my blah weather and want a little of what you have! Though you would be okay here for late night bike riding – It didn’t get dark until 10pm last night πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t even think about the fact that I could have ridden for a few hours before dark if I was in your hemisphere!
      So … how are you? and Siddy? and Orlando?
      All good over there?

    • I do, Elina! It helps if the sun is out, but as long as I have on the right gear and the streets aren’t wet / icy, then my friends and I will ride.

    • Thank you! I was trying to get a clear shot of the sun through the helmet. It didn’t turn out the way I was hoped, but I liked it even still

    • It really was a treat.
      And … while I know you are thrilled about the rain, I do hope you aren’t feeling any residual effects from the shock! Yikes!

      • Thanks, Laurie. I’m fine, though feeling a bit foolish. I didn’t realize the vinyl coating wasn’t enough to protect me from the current.

        It was a lovely set of storms today, and though I know you get more than enough where you live, this is a special treat for us.

  4. This post just makes me smile πŸ˜€ So glad you seized the opportunity … and shared these awesome photos with us. Love the lines in the field and the sun shining between the straps of your helmet. And the sun — where, oh, where is it today? I’m sure you’re not out on your bike; I’m in front of my fire. Weather in Virginia – gotta love the rollercoaster ride!

    • What a difference today was! We had fog warnings and rain and it was so chilly!
      I half heartedly thought “I should go out and take a shot of the streetlight in the fog” … but … nah!
      Glad you go to enjoy your fired. Sounds lovely!

  5. I’m so glad you got out for a bit. I hear photographers calling it ‘The Golden Hour’. True that. My favourite shot is the first one. The way the light is peaking past your helmut is like a kiss from the sun. Kind of makes me feel like you’ll be safe and no harm can come to you. I worry about other drivers on these holidays. The one’s who ‘socialize’ all day and drive home. You’re sure lucky to not have snow this time of year. What a day you had! xoxo

    • As I rode in that beautiful light and warmth, I thought of my northern friends who have been buried in snow. While I do love winter, i’ll definitely take advantage of the occasional warm winter day.
      Glad you liked that first one … it took a few shots to get the sun shining just right through the helmet. And yes, safety is always on my mind!

  6. Love this series of photos of the setting sun! Always find that the warm glow of the sun when it is just about to set to be the most beautiful! So glad that you have warmer weather to ride that very day! Love the postbox and plains shot particularly! Just beautiful, Laurie!

    • I’m so glad you like the post box. It drew my eye and while I wasn’t as happy with the angle (I was trying to avoid showing the address), it turned out ok. Thanks so much!

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