Hot Tub … Wine … Friends … A Stunning View

020 021 022 030

7 Days ’til Vacation and the Annual Ride!!!

25 thoughts on “Silhouette

    • Oh you are really close! Have a wonderful, relaxing, fun time!! You deserve it! (and I hope you are going to escape that NY heat!)

    • They do look kind of like that, don’t they? As far as camera setting … I am still using a “bridge / superzoom camera” and while I rarely use Auto, I just get lucky. I have so much to learn about the “science” of photography … and it’ll help when I get a DSLR (which is on hold because I bought the new bike … sigh …).

    • I’m so glad you commented on this post … it was nice to see these photos again, to read some comments that I missed, and to read yours, too. I appreciate you!

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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