It’s been 5 years since I started my WordPress journey, and what an incredible 5 yrs it has been.

Somehow, through all that has happened, a motorcycle wreck, running for political office, opening a business / closing a business / opening another business, and many other things, both positive and challenging, I have managed to post, to respond to comments, and to visit and comment on your posts.

Lately though, I have just not been able to keep up.  Perhaps it’s the new job.  Maybe it’s the hours spent in civic engagement, and the resistance.  Whatever the reason, I’ve just not been able to respond to your comments on my posts.  I have, however, made a commitment to visiting and commenting on  your posts.

Know that I love and read each and every comment, but if I don’t respond in kind it is because for the time being, I’ll be spending my WordPress time visiting and commenting on your posts.  I’ll still be posting though, and hope to have a lighter schedule sometime down the road.

You have become dear friends, and my life is better for it.


Photo Bloggers In NYC!

If you saw my last post, you know that I had the incredible opportunity to travel to New York City to meet up with some of the Monochromia photographers.  While I’d never met any of these people in person, we’d been online friends for years.


Photo Credit Theresa O’Loughlin-Giordano

I took the train from Washington, DC to Penn Station where I met Joe and Terry.   After checking into our hotel, we walked right across the street to quench our travel thirst.  How convenient!


Soon enough we were joined by Patti.


 It was not long before the cameras came out, and we were hitting the streets.


Stacy, already in the city for a photography workshop, joined us next,


soon followed by Robyn who drove up from PA.


We visited Grand Central Station, the World Trade Center Memorial, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, and the Public Library.


 We traveled by subway, taxi, and elevator (yes, there’s a story there), and by foot … many, many miles by foot!


We met great people, including Patti’s husband, Mark, and enjoyed good food and drink.


There are many stories to tell and photos to share.


 img_6310-2 14753878_2148692728690026_1912972496058252141_o-2

Photo Credit Joe Giordano

For now though, I just have to express how fortunate I feel to have met so many great people, virtually and in person, through WP.

Please visit Monochromia to see the image of Joe that I shot when Patti captured this one of me. Thanks Patti!

Laurie shoots Joe

Photo Credit Patti Fogarty

More NYC photos soon!

The next two weeks will find me opening a new medical practice.  Despite that, I hope to find time to visit all of you this coming weekend.

Monochromia Connections

As you view this Black & White  image, I am on the train to NYC to meet up with some of the photographers who contribute to Monochromia!


We all know the gifts of WP blogging, and I’ve been tremendously blessed to have made friends the world over.

In just a few short hours, I’ll be gathering with photographers that I met years ago through WordPress.  Since then those photographers have become friends and I cannot wait to them all in person.

Stay tuned for photos!

Blog Tour: Partial Failure

What a whirlwind week it has been, one filled with many big and small things!

The biggest and most important thing was undergoing my 15th procedure since the wreck and to finally have my smile restored!  I’ve not devoted much blog space to the events of the past 9 months, and the only reason I’m doing so today is because this important event kept me from fulfilling an obligation that I committed myself to.

I’d been asked by 3 different bloggers to participate in a Blog Tour. I appreciated the invitations but knowing that I was a bit over extended and had a big case pending, I initially declined. Eventually I did agree to participate because it seemed fun, and a nice way to meet other bloggers.

The rules are simple.  The invited participant composes a one-time post. 4 questions are answered and then 4 other bloggers are invited to create a post, answering those same questions.

I dutifully made a calendar note to create a post, but then … I forgot to invite others to participate!

I must apologize to Emilio for only partially fulfilling my role as participant.  Please check out his post about the Virtual Blog Tour.

 And since we’re talking Tours, why don’t you visit a Displaced Beachbum.  She’s traveled the world and is currently touring Scotland.

Jo the Tart Queen is another blogger whose posts share delicious sounding recipes and beautiful photos from her travels.

So … the Answers to the 4 Questions in brief:

What am I currently working on?  I’m continuing my growth as an amateur photographer and am so happy to have been included as one of the photographers in a new B&W Photography Blog called Monochromia.  Please visit the blog and check out the great work of the participating photographers.

LaurieFlower (1 of 1)

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I have no specific goal other than to improve and no specific subject other than what draws and attracts my eye.  I do like to travel as much as I can and many of my posts are about the things I see from the road … short, local trips and longer, more adventurous ones.


Why do I write/create what I do?  Simply put: It’s all about the joy, the fun, and the opportunity to be creative in a life filled with work and structure.


How does your writing/creating process work?  Oh gosh … let’s see.  Something draws my attention. I pull over, crawl around on the ground, climb a ladder, fence, or bed of the truck, or slide down a riverbank, and shoot and shoot and shoot.  Once I get home, I just pray that something worked!  I do edit but not extensively.


Thanks Emilio for inviting me to be a part of this tour!