It’s been 5 years since I started my WordPress journey, and what an incredible 5 yrs it has been.

Somehow, through all that has happened, a motorcycle wreck, running for political office, opening a business / closing a business / opening another business, and many other things, both positive and challenging, I have managed to post, to respond to comments, and to visit and comment on your posts.

Lately though, I have just not been able to keep up.  Perhaps it’s the new job.  Maybe it’s the hours spent in civic engagement, and the resistance.  Whatever the reason, I’ve just not been able to respond to your comments on my posts.  I have, however, made a commitment to visiting and commenting on  your posts.

Know that I love and read each and every comment, but if I don’t respond in kind it is because for the time being, I’ll be spending my WordPress time visiting and commenting on your posts.  I’ll still be posting though, and hope to have a lighter schedule sometime down the road.

You have become dear friends, and my life is better for it.


12 thoughts on “ Choices

  1. Love traveling along with you as you go across the country and the world, and even simply down the street. You have a great eye and capture the beautiful, the unusual, and the interesting so well. I look forward to your posts. Glad you’re taking the time to notice you need time to yourself. xxoo

  2. Happy Fifth Anniversary, Laurie! Time flies when you’re blogging, working a job, maintaining civic commitments and having social fun time. I’m glad you haven’t simply given up on the blogging and make the effort to come visit us. You’ve made your mark on WordPress and it would be a loss to not have you around at all.

  3. 5 amazing years! We must have started our blogs around the same time. It was 5 years for me in July. I’ve loved your blog from the beginning, your gorgeous images, your zest for life, your soaring spirit, and your quiet moments too. You feel like a faraway friend who I love to peek in on. I’ll keep coming whether you respond to comments or not, just for the pleasure of you company.

  4. What a fabulous five years!! So glad you’ve shared your life with us. And I feel ya on the not-finding-enough-time-for-WP. All my love anyway. Live your life and keep spreading that love. WP gets a little bit classier each time you show up, but we should be willing to share, I guess. ❤

  5. Great photo as usual Laurie.

    I know exactly where your coming from with the time thing. There’s only so much you can do before your run out of it.

    Stay well. Cheers EG

  6. You do more than others, including yours truly. Just know, even when I don’t leave words here or even visit at all, i think of you. I see a bike, I think of you. I see an election sign, I think of you. I make an appointment with my Dr., I think of you. I hear crazy laughter, I think of you. I see our river, I think of you. Thanks for being part of my days, weeks and life xoxo k

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