The Shot Tower

After traveling toward home from Raleigh NC in 3 hours of driving rain, I was glad to see the clouds finally part.   In the distance, visible from the interstate was Shot Tower Historical State Park, located in Wythe County, Virginia.  Even though I’d driven by it many times, I’d never visited and decided it was time.

Overlooking the New River, The Shot Tower was built more than 150 years ago to make ammunition for the firearms of the early settlers.

Doesn’t it figure that the park was closed for roof repairs!




Disappointment was brief however because right there at the intersection of Shot Tower Rd and Pauley-Flatwood Road, were several old farm buildings that begged attention from my camera.









Though the rain had stopped, the mists over the mountains created a beautiful backdrop.



23 thoughts on “The Shot Tower

      • Me too! in the meantime, your blog is inspiring me. 🙂 I really need to buy a bike so I can practice but it takes time to shop for one and my plate is already so full. Guess I just gotta bite the bullet. 🙂

    • It really was peaceful there. I wish I had a bit of history behind that whole little community of 3 houses / 2 barns.

    • I agree about those buildings! The wood of the house, the stones in the chimney, the old tools. I was smitten by that whole little intersection.

  1. Lovely! Glad your stop wasn’t a total disappointment. Funny, but it almost seems like the people who lived there didn’t leave that long ago.

    • I know! Especially with that old car in the yard and the tools on the shed. I need to ask around and learn more about them.

  2. Even if it was closed you got some goodies. I’m having a hard time deciding which is my favorite of the last two and No. 5. They’re all great!

    • No 5 is one of my favorites too and I’m glad you liked the last two. It was chilly and the mist was hanging so low into the valley and the scene was mysterious rather than dreary. Thank you!!

  3. Geez, I was thinking, “Daniel Boon could’ve lived there” until I spotted the cool ride. LOL That car doesn’t look like it’s in too bad of shape really. Wouldn’t you like to know the history? I always wonder who built things, who lived there. Very cool place LB

    • I agree … I really do need to learn a bit about the history of those buildings, because the car is clearly newer (so to speak)

  4. Ruth has a conservation easement nearby and she took many similar photos of that property! When the shot tower is open, you can climb the inside stairs to the top. We know the family that actually owned the tower before giving it to the state — the kids used to play in the tower! Rickety steps and all. Next time, check out Foster Falls on the NR Trail. Not for motorsickles, but a good place to stop and get in the river.

    • I guess I didn’t realize it was privately owned but that makes sense. I need to go back when it’s open so I can climb to the top.

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