Burke’s Garden

This past Sunday found me needing some time on the bike, in a long, solo ride.  Too many thoughts were jumbled around in my head and I needed to sort some things out.  So I plotted my route and headed out for Burkes Garden.


Bowl-shaped Burke’s Garden is the highest valley in Virginia, and is named after James Burke who “discovered” the area during the 1740s (of course the Native Americans discovered it first).  The historical marker notes that “the threat of Indian attack and the remoteness of the area discouraged permanent white settlement until the early 19th century”.  It is still a very small community and the only store is closed on Sunday.

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The ride to Burke’s Garden and back is one photo opportunity after another.

Old churches

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Farms and the product of farming

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Images that harken back to another time and warnings about eternity


I loved her little face peeking back at me.

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While these 4 photos all have an organized religion theme, they represent 3 different churches.


And of course some fun, twisty roads.

034 037

By the time I arrived home, 5 hours and 150 miles later, I was in a much more peaceful frame of mind

46 thoughts on “Burke’s Garden

  1. Great shots and explanation of you trip LB. I love the way you framed the shot with the chain link. I have an upcoming post that will run for a couple of days on the Old Bethpage Village Restoration that you will probably like, its a colonial settlement. Of course I can’t write like you so I will use my usual corny jokes to explain things.

      • YES, I was a wreck honestly! I had been SO stressed out but my confidence is like a ROCKEY movie, It gets beat down but ALWAYS comes back!
        I am SO excited to release the album and get all this pent up emotion OUT! Thanks for asking 😉

  2. I am sorry your mind was troubled, but your choice of a destination was marvelously calming! Thank you for taking us along. And as always, beautiful photography, LB

    My mind most times seems to be troubled when I am trying to sleep. So, if the weather is nice, then a walk in the moonlight works. However, if the weather is inclement, then it’s a walk with the Hobbits and camomile tea! 😉

    • Ah, I fellow Hobbit lover!!
      Sleep can be elusive for sure. Riding the roads provides lots of distraction, while still offering time for thought. Sleep though; we’re just laying there, waiting for it to come.
      I know you have so much on your mind …

    • Absolutely! But not as easy to carry as that Swiss Army Knife that you used to get your photo 🙂 I love that we had similar thinking although mine was strictly a result of being short, not because I have your fabulous eye!

    • Isn’t she awesome? I wasn’t sure if they would mind me taking photographs so I waited for them to come by me and made sure they saw me photographing the Gospel Tent. They smiled and I took that for encouragement. You would have laughed to see me running a bit to try to get the shot. I took several … this was the one with the least blurring in it. I had waved at her but she just kept staring at me … I don’t know … perhaps it was the wild woman riding a motorcycle?? 🙂 (the apple was my favorite of the day)

      • That shot may well be a contest winner. Trust me…..enter it here and there. Perfect timing and her peeking creates mystery and interest. Yes, not only are you a woman from that other world, but a motorcycle too!

      • I totally trust you … but would have no idea how to do that. You may not know it but I still use a “bridge” camera, not an DSLR, and I use free picasa. I’ve so much to learn!!! I dream of an DSLR and will get one … after I make a few payments on the bike 🙂

      • Laurie, it really doesn’t matter what you shoot with, it’s about the image you produce. I use a DSLR but it is an older model with only 6.1 million pixels which produces a crisp 11×14, which is sufficient. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, unless it makes you feel good doing so.

  3. what a fabulous day trip…so much to see along the route! wonderful of you to share!!! I know what you mean about jumbling thoughts and needing to sort…I don’t have a cool a bike but I do go for a walk…visually it isn’t as pretty or inspiring as this but we have to do what works!

  4. I agree with Mike, enter the wagon shot with the girl looking back into a photo contest. It is a great photo, trust your instincts. Honey, your skill doesn’t come from your camera, it comes from the way you see things and frame them. I also liked the rock in the river, and the goldenrod. Is that goldenrod- the yellow flower in front of the mountain?

    • Crystal, I so appreciate your positive reinforcement. Truly … it means so much. And I loved that goldenrod, too … it was everywhere!! and the rock in the river I also liked alot. Sometimes I worry that I put too many photos in the blog, but I’m always glad I did because I find that someone out there in “blog world” relates to one that I posted.

  5. Wow, it’s just so beautiful there, I really don’t know how you ever get to work. I love how the road just disappears into the forest, it just draws you in. Says, “there’s another adventure around this corner”. I really grooving on those cows too, they seemed rather keen on you.

    That church sign is funny, that’ll fill the seats for sure 😀

    • I posted that church sign photo on FB and got some funny responses. It sure made me laugh!! and you hit it right on the head with the road … it does invite us on adventure doesn’t it ? (I love hearing from you!!!)

      • You’re just to cute…love our connection too Laurie. WP has been really good to me. Makes you feel like the world isn’t as big and scary as one might think. We all have a lot more in common than not. I enjoy reading about everyones passions, pets, hobbies and gardens. It’s like a really cool little neighbourhood.

  6. What a great ride! Wish I’d been there with you, but this is the next best thing. So glad you shared.
    Also, you take wonderful photos! They are framed so beautifully–like another said, hard to pick out my favorite. But the one with the crab apple on the fence post–so simple–yet truly does harken back to another time.

    • I do like the one with the apple, too. Although,I have a hard time deciding which ones to include or not to include. Thank you for the complement!

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