What is it About Water?

No matter where I am, if water is near by, I am in it!

Whether to swim, float, stick my feet in, walk over, or sit by.

Soothing, restoring, fulfilling, and just plan fun!

During my ride last weekend, I had the chance to walk over an old steel bridge, to play in a bubbling creek, and to get soaked in a short downpour. Β More bridge shots will come in a later post, but for now … enjoy the rejuvenation of water. Β I sure did!

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9 Days ’til Vacation and the Annual Ride!!!

14 thoughts on “What is it About Water?

  1. Nice shots LB, I think it’s pretty cool that you still puddle jump and feel the need to go into every body of water you see. I guess we are all still kids at heart. πŸ˜€

  2. This is why I like you…are passions run so parallel to each other. I too am like a little kid, have to get in it the minute I see it. Okay, so I am thinking…how do you fit a grown woman into your bike saddle bag to go with you on your trip?

  3. I always wonder if it was because I’m a water sign that draws me to it. We will seldom take a vacation that doesn’t include it in some big way. That’s why we’ve been all around the outside of the continent. Living on the prairies, we were blessed to be at the lake for so many years. I really miss that view. I’m really amazed at how long a rusty old bridge will be of service. Even when they’re tattered and paint worn, they’re still getting you where you need to go. Is that you making a splash down?

    • Yes, Ma’am it is me πŸ™‚ and it felt so good to get the boots off and my feet in the water! It is amazing how restorative water is. Go get your feet in some, too πŸ™‚

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