Parting Shots from Pittsburgh

Can you handle just a few more photos from a great trip to Pittsburgh?  I sure hope so because this is the last post!

Ruth and I rode the Monongahela Incline, one of two cable-powered inclines designed for transportation between the river valleys and the communities on top of the overlooking bluffs.  The first two photos are mine, but I really think my friend Ruth’s photo captured the feel of the inside of that cable car.  Please check the link for information about these historic inclines!  So very cool!

_MG_9241 _MG_9243


Check out that 78% grade!


Once at the top, we walked the Mount Washington community, enjoyed a warm beverage from a local ice cream / coffee shop, and enjoyed chatting with the local business owner.


Ruth holds the framed article about that same business owner, while he tells us about the Mount Washington community and it’s local businesses.

_MG_9238 _MG_9236

Ruth thankfully is a photographer, one who has taught me much, and has complete patience with my non-stop shooting.  Before riding back down, we posed for a picture in front of a the beautiful cityscape.



_MG_9264-2 IMG_9260-2 IMG_9261-2

Just a few more shots that I think capture the essence of Pittsburgh.

Catsup 🙂




Rivers and History


and Sports


Thanks for coming along on our road trip to Pittsburgh! I wonder where we’ll travel to next year?

37 thoughts on “Parting Shots from Pittsburgh

    • The cable car was so cool. From Wikipedia i was built in 1970 and is “the oldest continuously operating funicular (incline) in the USA”.

  1. This post is full of fantastic images of Pittsburgh – the street art/murals is deliciously eye catching! Nice to see those inside shots of the cable car – I used to ride one regularly when I was younger, all warm wood and scrolled metalwork and which rattled and clanked it’s way up and down the cable. They were replaced with swishy modern ones that you couldn’t sit on the outside of anymore and which no one would want to photograph the interiors of………..

    I love the final images, you seem to know exactly which ones will look best in b & w!

    Where to next year? Looking forward to seeing!! 🙂

    • We saw street murals everywhere, and in particular, in the Strip District, a place full of shops, restaurants, farmer’s market goods, crafts … so much to see! I look forward to the day I can go back and explore some more!

  2. Laurie, again another thank you for a very informative and fun post. As for that um 78% incline, my stomach flipped, I kid you not. Hehehehehe Excellent shots and I LOVE the one of you and your friend, Ruth. Did you ever stop to think how strong photographer’s hands are? I know mine have gained a lot of strength since I have been “intensely shooting”. From another non-stop shooter, Amy

    • and it’s not just the hands for shooting but the hands for dowloading, deleting,editing, and processing! Thank goodness we love what we do 🙂

      • And let’s not forget the COMMENTS and ALL the typing! LOL I’ve worn out 2 keypads in about 1.5 years. The one I have now is getting a bit ragged looking. As long as it works, I don’t care. My keypad on my old laptop the letters are worn right off. LOL Blogging and photography are only two things that make my hands stronger. I could name a few more. Hehehehehehe Love, Amy

      • hear! hear! Photography is fun, but a lot of the rest of what one does with the photos requires effort. Bloggers put so much work into posts, in addition to all the cropping and editing and uploading of photos. You are so right, Laurie: thank goodness we love what we do.

  3. Great post and wonderful images Laurie 🙂 Its always good to travel with another person interested in photography because as you say they have patience. I love cites with lots of murals 🙂

  4. Wow what fantastic views LB
    and BTW you look awesome
    taking those shots…

    I need to get out more often,
    I am missing your awesomeness…

    Andro xxx

    • The incline was great! I loved the history of them and that they are still used as “mass public transportation” for only $3.50!
      And you are right about the community ,,, it’s like leaving this modern city and arriving at a small village.Very cool

    • You are so right! The photographer is rarely seen. In fact, I realized the other day that I do all the photography for my practice FB page and I am never in them 🙂

  5. I loved all your images! looks like you enjoyed your trip. You’ve made it look inviting enough for us to consider a trip one day! Thanks, Laurie!

  6. Laurie it is so great to see you out in the world, holding your camera, laughing with a friend. It just warms my heart.

    I think so many of the shots in this post made me think the word “whimsy.” Pittsburgh’s got it in spades. There is so much art in that city; in the architecture and the murals and the shops and the signs.

  7. Thank you for including a photo of you and Ruth. That made me smile.

    These shots are fascinating. Each one like a framed picture. The one looking down actually made me feel dizzy. How do you do that?

    That flowering cherry tree mural is stunning. Such an interesting city.

    Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. I really did enjoy Pittsburgh, they have a lot of fun things going on, so thanks for the tour. Hey? Who’s the guy in the ball cap sitting on the light post and also in the framed news article? Is he also in the window of the first mural?

    The murals are so well done, I love civic art that everyone can enjoy during their day. The 3D birds flying around the first mural are a fun touch too. I was envying De Luca’s aqua and white striped awning too. We had them on our house at the lake and I’d really like to add them here. They’re practical and I always think inviting.

    Cute shot of the two of you against the cityscape LB, You look like such a pro shooting your camera on the railing there. I’ve always thought it’d be fun to do a photoshoot with a camera like yours where you take shot after shot and say things like, “oh yah, good, good, work it now, love it…etc” Do you ever do that? LOL.

    I think one of those arrow signs would be fun in the yard. There’s a Birdhouse on a 4×4 post that’s pretty tall. Maybe one for San Jose, Victoria and soon Washington and Virgina. I’m adding it to the list 😀 Keep shining little bright one! xoxox

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