As I sat outside on the kitchen door stoop this evening, I glanced over and saw that the daisies were starting to bloom.


I grabbed the camera, thinking all the while that I have very much missed the creativity of photography, and how far behind I am getting in my learning of this craft.


Deciding that the daisies were deserving of a blog post, I thought of Meg Ryan and her character’s description of daisies.  It was then that I remembered that I had already used “aren’t daisies the friendliest flowers?” for a post two years ago.

Ah well, they brought a smile to my face none the less.


As did Louie.  His face will make anyone smile.

Louie and Daisies.

Comfort at the end of the week … and before the long weekend ahead.

Luck of the Dog!

What a lucky guy!!

He rides around in this padded cart and his motorcycle drivers told us that they go nowhere without him.


I’m telling you … it was so cozy in there, I almost wanted to get in there with him and ride along!

Isn’t he a sweet old guy?


And since my camera is in the shop (no photography) and my bike is totaled (no rides- are you feeling sorry me yet 🙂 ) I’m finally posting these photos which have been in draft since September.

Building Confidence for Dexter

As I walked out of the office at the end of the day, my mind was focused on the pending photography shoot of a friend’s elderly dog.  I was feeling a bit apprehensive, not having had much experience with animal photography.  Dexter is much loved and will soon not be with us.   Adding to that apprehension was the fact that I wasn’t very happy with the photos I’d taken the day before.

When climbing into the truck, I saw the sun shining through these leaves.  The colors were so like fall … in the beginning of June.  As soon as I pressed the shutter, I knew I’d be happy with the result.  In fact, I really couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I posted all three!

And that was just the boost of confidence that I needed to go visit Dexter.




I’m not sure I captured the personality of this sweet old boy.  What is it about a dog?  No matter how much in pain or how hard it is to get around, a dog will still wag that tail and try to make the people around him happy.



What a guy!  I’m so glad I met him.


The Farm … with Animals

This is the final post of three that features photographs from one beautiful afternoon session on a farm (and actually, the photos in this post were taken at two different farms that are down the road from one another).

Meet Clyde …


and Sadie


Hickory lives on a farm down the road (I am reposting his picture because I like him so much!)


There’s a spring on the farm where Hickory lives …


and a rock wall nearby.


Gotta Love Those Ears!

Hickory lives on the farm of a dear friend.  What a great personality he has!  He is energetic, friendly and fun!

And I just love his ears!