Building Confidence for Dexter

As I walked out of the office at the end of the day, my mind was focused on the pending photography shoot of a friend’s elderly dog.  I was feeling a bit apprehensive, not having had much experience with animal photography.  Dexter is much loved and will soon not be with us.   Adding to that apprehension was the fact that I wasn’t very happy with the photos I’d taken the day before.

When climbing into the truck, I saw the sun shining through these leaves.  The colors were so like fall … in the beginning of June.  As soon as I pressed the shutter, I knew I’d be happy with the result.  In fact, I really couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I posted all three!

And that was just the boost of confidence that I needed to go visit Dexter.




I’m not sure I captured the personality of this sweet old boy.  What is it about a dog?  No matter how much in pain or how hard it is to get around, a dog will still wag that tail and try to make the people around him happy.



What a guy!  I’m so glad I met him.


18 thoughts on “Building Confidence for Dexter

  1. These are excellent, Laurie. Love the last one of Dexter especially! I can just imagine that in a frame in a place of honor in his owners’ home. Nice work!

  2. Nice photos! I have been getting very interested in pet photography, myself and have posted a bit of my work on my site. It is challenging for sure!! Sometimes it seems like I find one or two good photos for every 100 or so I take when it comes to pets 🙂 Good job!

  3. Oh geez, that’d be a hard day but joyful too. I’m tearing up just thinking about how hard it will be for them to say goodbye. I really liked the second one of Dexter. There’s is something about watching a dog or any pet, when they may not know you’re there. They always seem to just be waiting to make someone smile. I could do that all day long.

    • You are exactly right … they do just want to make someone happy! I always felt a twinge of guilt about my last dog, Kenya. Rescued, well loved, but often alone (except for the cat) because I was serving on City Council and way too many other committees). She never gave me grief about it!!

      • Oh, how dear. But don’t feel guilty.The beautiful about animals is they have no expectations, I’m sure the moments you shared were everything to him.

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