The Farm … with Animals

This is the final post of three that features photographs from one beautiful afternoon session on a farm (and actually, the photos in this post were taken at two different farms that are down the road from one another).

Meet Clyde …


and Sadie


Hickory lives on a farm down the road (I am reposting his picture because I like him so much!)


There’s a spring on the farm where Hickory lives …


and a rock wall nearby.


6 thoughts on “The Farm … with Animals

  1. What a fabulous place. I love how Clyde and Sadie both have straw in their hair…like they just had a crazy play date in the yard..LOL Hickory must just have the best time of it there, what a dreamboat. Thanks for the shot of greenery too. Love the contradiction between the dead leaves and fresh greenery in that photo, springs a time of renewal for sure.

    • The owner told me this about Sadie: “She loves everybody and everything. She is more than likely very embarrassed that you caught her with her mane a mess and hay sticking out her mouth”. And about Clyde: “he suffers from little man syndrome. He has the most personality and shows it”. Thought you’d like to hear that.
      You always have such great comments!

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