Photo Bloggers In NYC!

If you saw my last post, you know that I had the incredible opportunity to travel to New York City to meet up with some of the Monochromia photographers.  While I’d never met any of these people in person, we’d been online friends for years.


Photo Credit Theresa O’Loughlin-Giordano

I took the train from Washington, DC to Penn Station where I met Joe and Terry.   After checking into our hotel, we walked right across the street to quench our travel thirst.  How convenient!


Soon enough we were joined by Patti.


 It was not long before the cameras came out, and we were hitting the streets.


Stacy, already in the city for a photography workshop, joined us next,


soon followed by Robyn who drove up from PA.


We visited Grand Central Station, the World Trade Center Memorial, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, and the Public Library.


 We traveled by subway, taxi, and elevator (yes, there’s a story there), and by foot … many, many miles by foot!


We met great people, including Patti’s husband, Mark, and enjoyed good food and drink.


There are many stories to tell and photos to share.


 img_6310-2 14753878_2148692728690026_1912972496058252141_o-2

Photo Credit Joe Giordano

For now though, I just have to express how fortunate I feel to have met so many great people, virtually and in person, through WP.

Please visit Monochromia to see the image of Joe that I shot when Patti captured this one of me. Thanks Patti!

Laurie shoots Joe

Photo Credit Patti Fogarty

More NYC photos soon!

The next two weeks will find me opening a new medical practice.  Despite that, I hope to find time to visit all of you this coming weekend.

Morning Prayers

Have you met Jim, a poet and runner over at rite2run? You’ll not regret reading this post and making a visit over to his place!

One Year Ago

We Interrupt the posts about 3 Days in Florida to remember an incredible time.

One year ago, a group of intrepid WordPress Bloggers met in Washington, DC.


Oh, what a time we had!  And although most of us had never met in person, within moments we knew we were sisters of the heart.

The next day, we were joined by three more WP Bloggers, and the happiness grew.


And later that day, we met with another!


Oh what a time we had!

Stories were told, adventures were shared, laughter bubbled up and out, and love was abundant.

We traveled around in the big red truck,


and when we said goodbye at the train station in Lynchburg, the rain was a perfect metaphor.

Tears as we said goodbye, but many, many more tears of joy!

(Edit: this post was supposed to publish on the one year anniversary of the gathering, which will be April 3rd.  Sigh … ALSO, the last photo was taken by either Pauline or Boomdee, yet it has my watermark.  I apologize for both errors)


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