Bloggers: The Most Incredible Gathering of Friends!

We’ve all said it, and many of you have as well.

WordPress Blogging has become so much more than we ever thought it would be.  What started out as travel diary, forum for writing, sharing of photography, enlightenment about art, gardening, or crafting, or keeping up with family has become a community of international friends.

Over the last several days, 8 WP bloggers from 3 countries and 2 states, have met in various locations to continue in person, the relationships that have been forged through the world of blogging.


Laurie, Boomdee,  PaulineAlys, and Julia in Old Town Alexandria.

We marveled that while most of us had never met each other, we talked and laughed as if we’d known each other for years.

Which, of course, we had.


Laurie, Stacy, Boomdee, Alys, Lisa, Pauline, and Patty in Georgetown

What might have seemed unusual to friends and family (“you’re letting someone you’ve never met stay in your home?”), to us seemed natural.  No doubts.

Our days have been full of laughter, many hugs, lots of delicious food and the sharing of stories.


Pauline, Shelley, Boomdee, Alys

We’re still in the middle of this amazing gathering of friends, but I wanted to share the joy, because of course, there are so many of you out there that I would love to meet!

Let’s get to planning.  I promise it is worth the effort!

We’ve got another couple days here in Radford before I put Boomdee, Kelly, and Pauline on the train back to DC.  Until the, we’ll fill every single moment with the joy of being together.

And now, while the others get a bit more rest, I’m off to work on the campaign for a couple hours.

104 thoughts on “Bloggers: The Most Incredible Gathering of Friends!

  1. Thanks for the photos. I have saved them to see as often as I choose. I feel like I’m there taking the photo and enjoying the conversation and giggles too. Glad I didn’t miss this. Hugs all around. M

      • You are too kind. I’m sure in light of your diversity, you have many more interesting things about which to converse. Have a giggling good time. Then share. 🙂

    • I had the same thought, Marlene! I am saving the photos so I can see these wonderful women’s faces whenever I like. Laurie’s comments about trusting each other though we’ve never met remind me of what you said to me about our meeting: you had no worries about what kind of person I would be. You felt safe with me. I certainly felt safe meeting you, because I already knew you. We are forming the most beautiful friendships here in Bloggerland. I love being able to participate in the lives of so many wonderful people.

  2. You are right, there is a lot of joy in these smiles you are sharing. What a fun experience! I am looking forward to connecting with a couple blogger friends this summer, it does feel really exciting! Enjoy your time together, it is special to share uninterrupted time like that together.

    • Carrie, I’m so glad you’ll be “meeting” blogger friends (in quotes because of course, you’ve already met them). What fun!

  3. This is so awesome Laurie and I so disappointed I missed this gathering 😦 It really looks like you all are having a great time. Its funny you mentioned that although you have all never met before you talked and laughed as if you have all been friends forever. I had the same experience when I met Patti in Manhattan it seemed like I knew her my whole life. You know what this means though ? Next gathering in Manhattan and the drinks are on me 🙂

    • No doubt! We will gather in Manhattan! I look forward to the day.
      And yes, I remember reading about your meet up with Patti. What an incredible gift this blogging thing has become!

      • Completely agree with Joe and the natural ease of companionship which is so obvious in the great time you are all having together. Now to start planning the Manhattan chapter. Funny isn’t it how once upon a time we had friends in the real world and friends in the “blog” world, seen as two distinct camps which now, years down the track, the lines between the two seem to have fallen away.

  4. Reblogged this on Boomdeeadda and commented:
    Hello dear friends, I’ve missed you all tons but have a perfectly good excuse. As you may know, I’m on holiday with some favourite friends. Friends I’ve grown to love right here at WordPress. Thanks so much for your reads, comments and passion on your own sites. May we also be lucky to cross paths one day too. Laurie at ‘Life On A Bike and Other Fab Things’ has shared a glimpse of our travels and get togethers this week. Please read on to join in the fun. xo B

    • Boomdee, I must’ve had a premonition. I did a post but forgot to check if there was any about your gathering 🙂 came back on to WordPress and here it was, a brand new post. How wonderful, I wish I was there too! Enjoy, love the photos, it all looks very happy 🙂 xx

      • Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for popping in and for the gorgeous soap (saving for home) that smells just scrumpous and the lip balm which I’m copiously applying to my lips. Fantastic and such a joy to receive all the way from your dear garden. I do wish you could have stowed away in Pauline’s luggage to enjoy all the visiting and laughs. It’s been such a pleasure to be with all these fun loving gals here, there and everywhere. Will catch up back in Canada. xoK

      • Oh Boomdee, I wish I could’ve stowed away in her luggage too, I would’ve loved it all. I hope you are having just the best time full of precious memories. I have other stuff here to send you, I wanted Pauline’s to get there first but the wait has felt uncomfortable 🙂 🙂 Have a great time Kelly. xxx

  5. I love this post! Being able to get a group together like this must have been an amazing experience!!

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few blogging friends and it is exactly as you described. When you love someone’s personality, wit, and charm online, it stands to reason you will love them in person too!
    This is a wonderful community and the relationships I’ve found online are an amazing ‘accident’!!

  6. The community of bloggers is an amazing thing. What started for me as a place to archive writing, music schedule and a few photos has become a place for friends, old and new from all over the world, to gather. Looks like you all had a great time!

  7. It is always like that, isn’t, you are catching up with friends, but you have never been in the same room before, I love it when I get opportunities to be together in person the people I’ve got to know through wordpress.

    • I’m so glad you’ve experienced this same joy, Leanne.
      You never know … we may just get over to your part of the world someday!

    • Lisa, it was an absolute blast to meet you! I look forward to checking out your blog, although I do worry as the campaign is taking up time that I would have spent on visiting blogs.
      So incredibly glad you were with us on Saturday!

  8. Reblogged this on The Contented Crafter and commented:
    Hi all! [waving happily from South-West Virginia] We are so happy here! Our days are spent talking, laughing, eating, [drinking some too] meeting so many great people over good food in great dining establishments and wondeful homes …….. It is just like meeting up with old friends and picking up on old conversations – I feel so very fortunate to be part of this adventure! Have a look here to see some photos of the gang …………….

      • Hi Pauline, I can see you are having a delightful time! Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Sending hugs to all the lovely ladies who made this fabulous meet up happen. I love the photos. I don’t know why I couldn’t comment directly on you blog. Best wishes to all you lovely ladies. Have fun!!!

  9. Reblogged this on Gardening Nirvana and commented:
    I’ve descended on D.C. and wish you were all here to share in this extraordinary experience. I feel like I’m in a cocoon, wrapped in the joy of spending time with fellow bloggers from around the world. We’ve been hosted by Julia of Defeat Despair, Shelly of Peak Perspective and Laurie of Life on the Bike. Here is a virtual postcard of sorts, shared via Laurie. xox

    • After the months and months of planning, I cannot believe it is already over. Thank goodness for memories and photos. What a fabulous gathering!

  10. So many “Say cheeses” in one room! Lovely photos, lovely ladies and what a chance to explore the world via besties met on the net. A lovely post. Cheers for sharing it with us all 🙂

    • Morning Mae (at least it’s morning as I’m writing). After all of the planning, it’s sad to think that it’s over. Thankfully, the memories, photos, and plans to meet again will sustain us.

  11. Thanks for the post, Laurie! You captured the event so well, in a way we can all relate: what happened to us here is bigger than we ever expected, when we first set out to publish a few words and photos. All those smiles and all the love in those photos… ahhhh…. makes me happy. ❤

    • Crystal, you said it perfectly. I look forward to the time when you and I can meet.
      Now … as of this moment, I am caught up on replying to comments.
      Next … visiting blogs!!

  12. Boy, this girl gang really knows how to live. I feel so thoroughly fortunate to have had a small sliver of time with some of you, Laurie. You are each as dynamic, warm and oozing with wisdom and humor as I knew you would be.
    I look forward to the next time–because there will most definitely be a next time. Who wouldn’t want to repeat something so brilliant? ❤

  13. How wonderful to meet up with blogging friends, you all look so happy! 🙂 Lovely photos and I can imagine how much fun it must have been.

  14. I LOVE THIS! Watch for yet another link to this wonderful post, coming soon to a blog near you…with a few more photos, hee-hee! Thanks so much, for everything!

  15. Reblogged this on Visual Venturing and commented:
    Ten days ago, I was honored and excited to join a very special gathering of the most amazing women I had never met! Five WordPress bloggers traveled from as far away as New Zealand; Alberta, Canada; and California, to spend a week together in Virginia celebrating the friendships they had formed through their blogs. Imagine my delight when I was asked to join them for lunch in Washington, DC, just days after the group had met for the first time! Concerned that I would be crashing their party, Laurie assured me I was welcome and that there would be two other “invitees” as well. And so I went. And it was fabulous! I was warmly welcomed, we never stopped talking, and the hours at lunch passed by much too quickly. We jokingly laughed that the entire story could make for a great movie. Of course, that led to all kinds of speculation as to who we would get to play our parts. Pauline claimed Dame Judy Densh, while Laurie chose Julia Roberts, and I must admit that with all the laughter, I just can’t remember the others. But ladies, I need to change my original choice – can I be Jamie Lee Curtis instead? 😀

    Sending hugs to Laurie, Pauline, Boomdee, Alys, Lisa, and Patti – absolute treasures, all!

  16. I just had my first meeting with a Blogging friend. It was fabulous! We met for breakfast and could have gone on into lunch and afternoon cocktails. It went so well we are meeting tomorrow to photograph the saguaros blooming here in Arizona. So glad you got to meet up with all these friends!! 🙂

    • Hi Nancy, I’m a bit behind on replying but how fun to read your comment! I’m so glad you found the same joy that we did. Lunch. Cocktails. Photography. Sounds perfect!

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