Get Your Camera Settings Right!

You can sing that title to the tune of  Born to Be Wild.

I have been so frustrated the last 2 days because my photos were just not turning out the way I had hoped they would.  Now, I get that sometimes I’ll take 20 shots and be happy with just 1 or 2, but yesterday nothing seemed to work!  Finally, in frustration I looked at my settings.

Yep!  I had the color setting to add extra red to my shots.

How? Why? When?

Who Knows!!

Can you tell which one was on the wrong setting?


I couldn’t 🙂

I’m open to  any suggestions to improve macro shots (I don’t have an SLR)


12 thoughts on “Get Your Camera Settings Right!

    • I know you’ve been working on your photography, too … which is lovely (you know what I meant, right?). Anyway, I guess it is the process of improving that makes me so thrilled sometimes and dissatisfied other times. I don’t EXPECT to be an expert, but I want my pictures to be perfect. 🙂

  1. Your second photo is not in focus…take a deep breath and hold before you push the shutter button and keep elbows tucked by waist too☺ This helps with camera shake…still wonderful don’t sweat the small stuff…you will get it right the next time.

    • Ah Laurie! You should have seen me out there. I’m quite sure my neighbor wondered what I was doing squatting for so long in the garden!! Too funny (and yes. I’m inconsistent with the breath holding and I like the elbow tucking idea too). THANKS!

  2. The first one looks great! Does your camera have a macro setting? It would be the one with a flower icon. If you use that for flowers the camera will set all the settings correctly for flowers. For flowers sometimes I like to use a reflector. especially if you are looking down inside of the flower. It will shoot some extra light down into the center of the flower. You can use anything white for the reflector. A piece of foam core works well. Happy shooting!

    • Believe it or not, I using the macro setting! I think the problem is with the operator 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions of the reflector!

  3. I took a photo course not too long ago and he says there’s no crime on using ‘Auto’. I change the AWB often to brighten dark shots since I never use a flash. A tripod can help the Macro a lot since it’s hard to get very clear photo’s close up without it. It’s like using the zoom, better with a tripod. If you don’t have one (I don’t) try setting your camera on a table, railing, pile of books or anything stationery rather than holding it. I have so much to learn. I think great shots are more about composition than camera adjustments. To me, you have a great eye. That’s counts a lot LB.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! So much to learn … but I’m loving every moment … or at least most of them anyway 🙂

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