The Boars Head Inn

The Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA, an historic hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sits on the site of Terrell’s Ordinary, a modest inn where, during the 1700s, westward travelers stayed the night (these comments, and some of the next are taken from the Boars Head website).


By the 1960s, the Ordinary was but a memory and in its place was the quintessential Virginia Inn.

026 (2)

The heart of The Boar’s Head was built from the timbers of an abandoned gristmill along the banks of the Hardware River, which dated back to 1834.

013 (2)


I’m lucky enough to attend a quarterly Board Meeting for my Nurse Practitioner organization at the Boars Head, but this time, I met my parents and one of my sisters and stayed as an overnight guest as well.

Situated on over 570 acres, the Inn features beautifully renovated rooms, afternoon canapes in the tea room, and five course dining in the Old Mill Room (which showcases beams from that 150 year old grist mill).


We were still experiencing frigid temps while there, yet the geese on the frozen pond seemed to have adapted pretty well.

031 (2)

The sunrise reflecting off yet another frozen pond was an incredible way to start the day.  I’m not sure when I’ve seen colors like this.



I spent several hours learning the new camera yesterday, but that was after my time at the Boars Head Inn.  I look forward to applying some of what I have learned on my next trip back to Charlottesville.

Consider stopping in for a visit if you are near Charlottesville.  You will not be disappointed!

53 thoughts on “The Boars Head Inn

  1. Great post Laurie and you probably guessed my favorite photo. I just love the shadow of the chair on the white brick wall 😀 I also really like the sky in the last two photos.

    • Oh it really is such a lovely place! I can’t wait to take more pics the next time I go for a meeting. Pricey, yes, but the place harkens back to days of old. The staff make sure guests are completely cared for. Worth every penny (not that I can do this very often, but when I do it is a special treat!)

    • It is such a cool place and Charlottesville is a neat town to explore, too. Lots of history, Montecillo, wineries … and near the Blue Ridge Parkway for lots of hiking! You’d love it!

  2. Nice images as always! You may be the only person in my Facebook feed that I actually go to all the links when you post … I enjoy your photography and really appreciate your eye and understanding of when to get out there and shoot, etc., and I love how you find cool images wherever you are!

    • I was just saying that Charlottesville is such a fun place to explore. Lots of history, many wineries, and beautiful hikes / drives on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. You should visit!

  3. I love all these photos Laurie – I simply cannot imagine what improvements can be made when the technology is mastered! The pink sky phenomenon is amazing – it occurs to me that should I paint those my painting would be called ‘imaginative’…….. A few years back we had some vivid green, pink and yellow evening skies that I meticulously copied and was told they were ‘fantastical’. Mother Nature can out do all our imaginations I think!

    • Mother Nature is indeed incredible! I was blown away by the colors … and if it hadn’t been 10 degrees I would have stayed out there longer. Well actually, if I’d had more warm clothes, I would have stayed out longer. As it was, I saw the colors and ran!!

  4. Gorgeous photos of the sunset! The pink and purple…I find myself amazed at the beauty of sunsets..

    Also love your black and white photos of the trees and chair especially. would be perfect in a series of shots.

    • It’s interesting that you suggested the B&W series: the first draft of this post was all B&W shots. Then I decided to add the sunrise images and switched the focus and added color. But that is exactly where I was initiatlly headed 🙂

  5. What an interesting place. I’m glad you could spend time with family as well. That made for a memorable trip, I’m sure.

    The photos are lovely. The shadow of the chair is really interesting and I think one of my favorites, thought the two pink shots are breathtaking. What colors!

  6. You are surrounded by so much history and I find that it fascinating that you can still stay there and enjoy a good meal. Now. if there aren’t ghosts there after so many guests have come and gone then they must not exist.

    I also love the lawn furniture shadow on the wall. It’s a little like a memory of summer days, were they just an illusion?

    • I didn’t hear about any ghost stories! My son and I stayed at a place in Chattanooga, TN years ago, and at check in they gave us a 8×11 sheet of paper that told of several ghost stories related to the hotel. We never saw or heard a thing!
      I love the shadow chair, too …it’s a fave from the visit!

    • Oh yes, they are a nuisance here, too! Golf courses are a favorite place for them to hang and drives the players nuts. All those droppings everywhere – ugh!

  7. … (The Boar’s Head) fantastic picture!! It took my breath away as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I go to America every year in January (I’ve been doing that for the past six years), but this year – I’m not going, and your picture brought me back that incredible sensation of breathing in cold, fresh air…Great post!!

    • I’m so very glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you’ll get back soon, but until then, I’ll keep sharing photos from my neck of the woods! 🙂

    • Me, too! It’s also about the history. One of the first things I do is ask the owners for their written history … fascinating!
      Glad to have you along for the trip, Laurie!

  8. What a stunning place to visit. I have never seen colors in a sunset like these, again, just stunning! Lauren, you keep posting about all these lovely places, and I’ll keep adding them to my bucket list.

    Just thinking about the 570 acreage that is still with the inn. I’m amazed that it is still in one chunk with the owners. You rarely find that today.

    • I agree about the 570 acres! It truly is a lovely space …
      I’m so lucky to have a meeting there, but even more, I loved spending time with my folks there 🙂

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