Infinity … at Keswick Hall

Isn’t it incredible how sometimes all we need is 24 hours away from life’s routines and life’s chaos?

We drove through a snow storm to get to Keswick Hall and while there, soaked up the many comforts that we found.  Next time, we’ll make sure to enjoy the heated infinity pool.


The steam rising off the water added a misty quality to the images,


whether in color or in monochrome.


Beautiful scenery in a historic building, incredible food and drink, and a wonderful friendship = 24 hours of fabulous!


How incredibly lucky am I?

58 thoughts on “Infinity … at Keswick Hall

    • This was my “Grateful Dead” concert. Knowing that we don’t spend this kind of money very often (pretend I don’t have a motorcycle in my carport), we need to fully enjoy it when we do.
      I still smile when I think of the photo of the text from your friend at the end of your last post 🙂

  1. …..and how much you deserve it…. It’s funny. When everything is going right and good things are coming are way we have a habit of calling it luck, rather than perceiving it is just the way life is supposed to be.

    • It was so wonderful! To be honest, it was the chance to spend the day with a dear friend and to shower her with love in thanks for all she’d done for me. It could have been a Holiday Inn, and I’d have been happy.
      Having said that though, oh my gosh what an amazing place!!

  2. You look so happy Laurie! I can see time with you makes others happy too. Lucky me I’d say.

    I guess there was no Canadians there? I’m sure someone would use the pool, LOL. Your photo’s are great, the steam makes them very ethereal. I like the perspective of the deck furniture all in a row, it’s rather hopeful isn’t it? xox K

    • One of my favorite memories is of being in a big, big hot tub in British Columbia during a massive snow fall. It was fabulous!
      I cannot wait until we have photos to share of all of us 🙂

      • Dang, you and a hot tub in British Columbia? I wish I was there. It’s a short 12 or 13 hour drive from home. Pfffft… problem….I’d hop in the Boomdeemobile and bebop on over 😀 xox

  3. Oh, Edith, these images gave me goosebumps. Good for you for capturing such exquisite beauty and good for you for having LOVE in your Life!!! Great post, one I really enjoyed! Love, Amy

    • So glad you liked this one, Amy. I am completely blessed to have many friends in my life, and Jan is particularly dear to me!

  4. These images are so fantastic! The joy and wonder comes through. It is such a gift, to give ourselves a chunk of time to let go of the everyday and embrace the moment. Good friends added to the mix make it even more spectacular. The lasting effects spread into your everyday for weeks.
    With all you have going on, this is key to your health and strength, keep giving to yourself and your cup will overflow toward all you wish to help. Love this post!

    • You are so right, Carrie … the happy glow from that weekend has remained with me.
      Thank you for your affirming comments. They mean much to me.

  5. This place looks fantastic, but as told you last time… in spring, snow is very nice to see…just to se!!! At least for me… I think next time you can enjoy the swimmimg pool.

  6. Loved Boomdee’s comment that the deck chairs are a sign of hope! You are lucky indeed, my friend. It really does warm my heart to see how happy the two of you look in the photo here and in the earlier one.

    • Jan is such a great friend … and 35 years later, we as close as we were all those years ago.
      Crystal, I love that you got to meet a blogging friend! I would so love to meet you at some point. What a blast that would be!

      • Laurie, I am excited about meeting my friend Marlene too! We’re already planning another visit. And I get to meet another in two weeks when I do a road trip up the coast to Canada. Trust me, when I make it to the East Coast again, I’ll be putting my scheming mind to work to figure out a way to see you.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’d love to have been able to swim in that pool, with the snow falling all around (as long as someone was standing there with a warm towel when I wanted to get out 🙂 )

  7. Yep, pretty darn lucky. It’s a beautiful place and it looks like you two had a great time. Love the mist coming off the water!

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  9. I see I liked this, Laurie, but didn’t leave a comment, and now I just have to! What a great, fun time at a beautiful place, despite the snow. And that infinity pool? Aren’t they just gorgeous!! My favorite photo though was the last one, seeing you and your friend all smiles, simply enjoying the moment and being with each other. That’s the best!

  10. I love your smile. Clearly you’re having a great time.

    That infinity pool i something else, and quite gorgeous with the misty weather and banks of snow. It takes stamina to get into outdoor water on a freezing day. It’s not so much the getting in, but the getting out afterwards.

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