Keswick Hall


The destination was Keswick Hall, a 100 year old resort just outside of Charlottesville, VA.  The purpose was a long planned reunion with a dear friend from college.  Jan has been a big part of my life through the years, and was instrumental in my recovery from the motorcycle accident.

The drive to get there?  Near whiteout conditions (cell phone image)


I left early in the morning, hoping to beat the snow but instead spent almost 5 hours driving through it (the drive would normally take 2 1/2).  It was certainly not the deepest or the worst, but driving through any snowstorm is challenging.


You know me though.  I am nothing if not up for an adventure, and oh, how glad I am that we didn’t reschedule this 24 hour getaway to Keswick Hall.


“Built in 1912 as a gorgeous Italianate-style estate, the property was converted to a country club in 1948, and restored in the early 1990s as part of the world-class hotel that now graces a most beautiful piece of Virginia countryside”.

Keswick, at least for us, is one of those once in a lifetime type places to visit.



An historic home, beautifully renovated, Keswick is a place where “guests feel as though they are visiting a grand country estate rather than a hotel”.


Our plan was to take a tour of 4 of the 30 wineries in the Charlottesville area, but once we arrived in safety, we decided to nestle in.


What an incredible place in which to ride out a snowstorm!


In the next post, I’ll share some indoor images of Keswick Hall.


Cheers to a fabulous reunion!


47 thoughts on “Keswick Hall

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    • Joe, it was actually champagne. After lunch we went back to our gorgeous room to continue our reunion over wine. As we finished a lovely bottle of red and were heading out to explore Keswick, a knock on the door revealed a staff member with champagne and treats. Truly an amazing getaway!

    • I’m home now, Lynn, and what’s funny is that I drove there in a snowstorm and drove home 24 hours later in dry roads, 40 degrees and sun!
      You and your girlfriends would have had a blast here … I wish we’d had our suits for a swim in the ourdoor heated infinity pool during the snow storm!

  2. Oh my!!!!!! Where’s the “Love” button???!!!!!! That 3rd photo is heart-tugging to me. The snow makes it all surreal! Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the indoor ‘shots’. (Driving + cell photo??? I do hope not!!!!)

  3. What a grueling trip! I’m glad you made it and oh my what gorgeous pictures. Absolutely breathtaking, Laurie.

    I’m happy you made it safely and didn’t have to cancel your long-anticipated visit with a dear friend. I’m looking forward to the second installment.

  4. I think your photos beat the ones on the official website easily. What a beautiful place! In the Las vegas area we rarely get weather. But last weekend we drove into the mountains to experience shooting in real snow. Now, I can’t wait for real rain! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments about my photos, Emilio! I was thinking that I might send Keswick the links to the blog posts when I’m done with them.
      So glad you got to play in some snow!!

      • That’s a great idea. I was thinking of printing up a few of my better photos and presenting them to the people or businesses where they were shot but I like the links idea better. Doesn’t cost money! 🙂

  5. Amazing weather to take a wee jaunt in – and what a beautiful place to jaunt to! I shall look forward to seeing the interior and am finding it quite hard to believe that in one months time all that white stuff will be gone and it will be spring…. I am thinking I need to bring an ice-pick and maybe some crampons ………..

    PS I used to live in Keswick St 🙂

    • Thanks Edith! I was thinking that anyone watching me would think I was crazy for shooting during the snowfall. In fact, it was a good think I had 4wd as I wouldn’t have been able to get that Memorial Shot without it.

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  7. This place is lovely.. what a find! You did an amazing job with the photography too, my friend! I’m late reading your recent posts but oh what a treat on a Sunday! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lori! I had such fun with the camera during this getaway. I feel like I’ve not had time to shoot lately and it felt great!!

  8. The memorial in the snow is a great shot. Thanks for adding that in. Something about the snow and the muted colours makes it particularly effective.

    And what a magnificent place to stay with a friend! I’ll bet your disappointment about getting snowed in lasted 4 seconds. Glad you made it safely.

    • So glad you liked the memorial shot. I had to use the 4wd to get and out of the parking lot 🙂
      And you are right … there was no way to be disappointed! What an extra special treat!

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  10. I’m going backwards through your magnificent stay and I think it’s the way to go, LOL. First little tantalizing bits of this and that and then Ka-Pow, smacked with an eye full of gorgeous.

    Wow, wow! I’d say it was well worth the drive through the snow storm. Then again, I wasn’t your co-pilot that day. Your are an adventurer LB! That looked terrifying, or as we call it “Monday morning” LOL. No honestly, it always storms on Monday when people want to get to work. No one leaves early, drives crazy and there’s endless crackups. You’d think Canadians would drive these conditions better? Not the case, most are far too overconfident.

    Glad you had a wonderful stay. Long friendships are a rarity and should be celebrated. Next time I’m in Charlottesville, I will certain take a drive. Looks like I can’t afford to stay there but it’d be a swell place to enjoy a glass of wine.

    Your welcome treats look beautiful in your photo. They should put that photo on their brochure.xoxo

    • Keswick is definitely one of those places that folks like us can’t enjoy very often. A rare treat to celebrate friendship (and Jan was the one who helped me with the post wreck legal stuff).
      You would have loved it as Keswick is a pet friendly hotel. Lovely!

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