For the Health of the Community

Just when I was finding the time to get back to blogging, I jumped into a State Senate Campaign!

How did this happen, you might wonder.

Tragically, State Senator Ben Chafin from the 38th District in Southwest Virginia died, as have over 400,000 other Americans, from Covid. My thoughts have been with his family and friends, as my thoughts have been with all those who have suffered in one way or another from this dreaded virus.

The Governor of Virginia called a Special Election to be held on March 23rd, and despite my inordinately full schedule, I decided that I could not let a race go unchallenged. So, I am off and running! If you like, visit my website for information about my platform: Laurie Buchwald for Senate

I’ll take some photos of my socially distanced / masked travels throughout the district and share them when I can. I’ll look forward to visiting you and your blogs in late spring.

Stay Safe! Mask Up! Listen to Dr. Fauci!

One Week From Today!


Peter Nowell designed this poster for the Women’s March on Washington.  It is freely available for anyone to share and use.  Peter Nowell, when sharing this design said:

“When I heard about the Women’s March, I felt inspired by the causes behind it and how inclusive it is. Contributing a poster design felt like an opportunity for me to show up for, and support, so many of the people that I love.

Let’s use it to spread the word and inspire even more people to join. You can share it on social media, print it out, remix it… it belongs to all of us”

Thank You, Peter Nowell!


I look forward to marching in DC next week, surrounded by women, men, and children from all over our nation.  I will walk with them, and in spirit with people who will be marching in every state, and in some countries around the world.  I will also walk for those who will not be able to walk whether because of work, finances, or ability.

Women’s March on Washington Unity Principles

I know that Alys from Gardening Nirvana will be marching in San Jose.  Where will YOU be marching?

We’re Still Waiting …

I was walking through the dining room one day last week, and was struck by the morning sun streaming through the window, and the shadows that were created.


I’m also struck by the fact that while women achieved the Right to Vote via the 19th Amendment in 1920, we are still not protected by the Constitution.  We’re still waiting …

ERA: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

The ERA and the Art of Snow

I’m a day late for the Valentines Day love, but I’m right on time for the snow love.


Southwest Virginia is in the midst of another winter storm.  So far, we’ve got 6 inches of unexpected snow, which is soon to be followed by an inch of ice, and I am missing the Equal Rights Amendment Rally at the State Capital.  Did you realize that the ERA has STILL NOT, 100 years later, been ratified?  I’m bummed about that and about missing the rally.

In an effort to keep a positive attitude, I decided to show the snow in a different way.

 How ’bout a little Through the Screen photography?


Or even some Screen Art?


or the abstract Snow on Leaves?


Hang in there, my friends.

Good Friends and Votes for Women!


The WordPress world, and the bloggers who live in that world, have been so good to me!  In just a few short days, 5 in fact, according to the countdown widget, I’ll be meeting with women that I’ve come to know through blogging.  Energized excitement is flowing from Canada to New Zealand to California all the way to Virginia and DC.

There are many others who blog on WP that I’ve come to know and love, and today I want to tell you about one of them – cat lovers, pay attention!  Suffragette Kitty is written by Louisa May Alcatt “a reincatation of one of the world’s most notable women”.  LMA is “a tortie with cattatude, who despite a 125-year cat nap, remains passionate about women’s rights”.

A visit to Suffragette Kitty offers a great education about many of history’s notable women.  I’m always inspired and in fact, after reading one post, was moved to donate to Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House.  What a fascinating family the Alcotts were!

Just the other day, the mail carrier delivered inspiration for my campaign from LMA and her publicist (Maureen, the writer of the blog). The Votes for Women items seen in these photos are a reminder that not only was there a time when women were not able to vote; they were also of course, not able to run for office.

LMA tells me that Marmee – Abigail May Alcott – lobbied for a woman’s right to vote from age 16 until her dying day at 77.  While she never lived to see her dream come true, she paved the way for women today.  LMA says “in my opinion, Marmee was an unsung Women’s Rights Activist”.  I love this sachet and hope, that as LMA intended, that it brings me luck.


Thank you, LMA, for this wonderful gift, which brought a huge smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

I feel truly blessed.