31 thoughts on “Where in the World is LB?

  1. Laurie, I truly admire your social activism for positive causes. The world needs more people like you – willing to be involved for the good of the human race and community. I’m glad you were able to enjoy friends, food and drink during the time away from WordPress. No worries about being away this week. Enjoy whatever the days bring.

    Since you are honing your smart phone camera skills, I thought I’d leave a link to a post in which I also honed those skills. Let me know what you think.

    • It’s been fun touching base so much the past couple days … even if part of the reason isn’t good.
      You though, have had a great birthday month, and you deserve every bit of love!

  2. Laurie, you are one busy woman!! I like seeing the bikes parked together like they’re conspiring or having a chat about their riders. And I do like that spider web with dew. Ah, enjoy life!

  3. I don’t have the excuse of good works for not posting or visiting much. You are one busy lady with a wonderfilled life. That was awe inspiring. Great photos with the cell phone. I’m so glad someone invented them. 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • Well, it does seem new still, but it’s the bike that replaced the one that got totaled in the wreck. It’s a beauty and so fun to ride. How you be? Hope to get to your place soon!

      • Oh i see. I thought it was a new, new one.. All good. Just waiting for some good weather! Drop by when ya do. Coffee and/or beer sounfs reasonable 😀

  4. No matter what type of camera you use, you manage to capture the moment in the most artistic way possible. I love the trail in the dark, you should send it to the city for their website. Nice spider web too!

  5. Laurie, to borrow your words, I love *your* passion and commitment. I’ve never known anyone who was so involved in making their community a better place. Your photos are incredible, with or without a “real” camera as we say around here. I’m glad you are enjoying life.

  6. The photos in this group are outstanding! The fancy camera and the phone camera both do what you tell them to do, and that’s where the art comes in. Those cafe umbrellas are wonderful!! The light through the drink with the lime – so nice. It sets the atmosphere. Your photo of the paella looks like its right out of an ad, or a food magazine or something! Perfect! And the one with glasses and book on the porch – so lovely. Of course, nothing beats the early morning empty running paths.

    It’s very sad albeit very understandable that Lane Creed’s family has orchestrated the Last Ride. I love it that you participated in this event each year. Now the calendar opens up for another great idea for a good cause, and we’ll just have to wait and see who steps in.

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