One Week From Today!


Peter Nowell designed this poster for the Women’s March on Washington.  It is freely available for anyone to share and use.  Peter Nowell, when sharing this design said:

“When I heard about the Women’s March, I felt inspired by the causes behind it and how inclusive it is. Contributing a poster design felt like an opportunity for me to show up for, and support, so many of the people that I love.

Let’s use it to spread the word and inspire even more people to join. You can share it on social media, print it out, remix it… it belongs to all of us”

Thank You, Peter Nowell!


I look forward to marching in DC next week, surrounded by women, men, and children from all over our nation.  I will walk with them, and in spirit with people who will be marching in every state, and in some countries around the world.  I will also walk for those who will not be able to walk whether because of work, finances, or ability.

Women’s March on Washington Unity Principles

I know that Alys from Gardening Nirvana will be marching in San Jose.  Where will YOU be marching?

14 thoughts on “One Week From Today!

  1. What a gorgeous and inclusive poster. I love his sentiment and thank you for sharing it here, as I’ve not seen it before. My friend Margot will be flying to DC to join you and others. I have several friends joining me in San Jose, and others marching in Colorado, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Oakland. We are fierce and strong and united.

  2. I wanted so badly to join the march in Washington, mostly in hope that among the throng of amazing spirits, I might finally get to meet you in person. It just wasn’t doable. But, I will be marching with a different throng of other amazing people in Boston.

  3. I plan to join the march in Portland! I also appreciate your link on FB to this awesome Peter Nowell artwork! I shared it on my page and with a couple of girlfriends that I think will also be marching. I really really want to wear one of those T-shirts for the march, but my finances are freeking strapped right now. I’m still tempted… 🙂 I love the poster design, I love that he did it just because, and that he encouraged people to use his design. I also lean toward the rainbow one, though all are beautiful.

    I want to thank you for including the fact that you’re marching for people who can’t march because of ability. There has been an ongoing discussion on the fb page of one of my closest friends, of how people with disability are made invisible. Their discussion is making me much more aware.

  4. A great cause, but a shame such a march is needed today. I hope it all goes well for you and your voices are heard. Perhaps, Americans will now truly realise the importance of one’s freedom to vote and the need to exercise it properly.

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