The ERA and the Art of Snow

I’m a day late for the Valentines Day love, but I’m right on time for the snow love.


Southwest Virginia is in the midst of another winter storm.  So far, we’ve got 6 inches of unexpected snow, which is soon to be followed by an inch of ice, and I am missing the Equal Rights Amendment Rally at the State Capital.  Did you realize that the ERA has STILL NOT, 100 years later, been ratified?  I’m bummed about that and about missing the rally.

In an effort to keep a positive attitude, I decided to show the snow in a different way.

 How ’bout a little Through the Screen photography?


Or even some Screen Art?


or the abstract Snow on Leaves?


Hang in there, my friends.

30 thoughts on “The ERA and the Art of Snow

  1. I sadly have to admit that I didn’t even know the ERA hasn’t been ratified. My bad…

    I am glad to be missing this latest round of snow/ice, though my hubby is braving it by himself 😉 Love the Valentine’s Day snow shot 💕 And your “screen art” made me smile and smile 🙂 Stay safe and warm, Laurie!

  2. Ah, Laurie, I just remember it hasn’t been passed since the 70’s. Remember that strange argument that equality under the law would mean we’d all be using the same bathrooms? And stuff’s even crazier now, though much improved from my early days working.

  3. I’m glad you got round two of snow, but sorry to hear about the ice that followed. That doesn’t sound like much fun.

    I remember writing a paper for a college class in the late seventies about the ERA. My mom hoped it would pass, but died in 2008 to the status quo. I’m grateful for women like you, Laurie, that continue to fight for and advocate for women’s rights and health issues.

    And I LOVE the heart in the snow. xo

    • Happy Valentines Day (two days late), Alys!
      I’ve had two young women comment that they didn’t know what the ERA was. They assumed that in 2016, women are protected by the Constitution.
      I’m so impressed by the women in Richmond who have made this a front and center issue. It needs to happen!
      I’ll be heading over to your blog in a bit, but see from FB that the drought continues.

      • I suppose on the plus side, it’s nice that women assume we’re treated equally under the law BUT still no ERA. Sigh.

        We had some promising rain in January, but this month has been a big bust.

    • Don’t be ashamed, Mae. Many women have said the same. We all ASSUME that in the year 2016, women would be protected by the Constitution.
      I was just telling Alys in a previous comment, that there are young women today who have not even heard of the ERA.

  4. Hi ya kiddo. Look at all that white goodness. Goodness only because you have the eye for seeing the fabulousness of it all instead of the inconvenience of snow and ice on the roadways. I especially like the last shot. It hardly looks like leaves and snow if I didn’t know it. Very creative xo K

    • I’m so glad you like the last shot. I was sure that everyone would look at it and think “what is that crazy woman up to now?”
      Heading out to do some shoveling on a cold but SUNNY day!

  5. Love that lacy heart in the snow along with your great screenshots! As for the ERA, difficult to see at times in which direction we’re heading after all these years. Old conservative bigots I sort of understand but the young ones?

  6. I think it’s great that some Richmond women are going to the effort to keep ERA on peoples’ radar. It would be so easy to let it slip into oblivion since so many of us thought that was already taken care of a long time ago. I would go to the rally if I was there, and if there wasn’t so much snow…

    I think that first screen shot is neat! The clumps of snow on the screen look like enormous clumps of snow falling!

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