Good Friends and Votes for Women!


The WordPress world, and the bloggers who live in that world, have been so good to me!  In just a few short days, 5 in fact, according to the countdown widget, I’ll be meeting with women that I’ve come to know through blogging.  Energized excitement is flowing from Canada to New Zealand to California all the way to Virginia and DC.

There are many others who blog on WP that I’ve come to know and love, and today I want to tell you about one of them – cat lovers, pay attention!  Suffragette Kitty is written by Louisa May Alcatt “a reincatation of one of the world’s most notable women”.  LMA is “a tortie with cattatude, who despite a 125-year cat nap, remains passionate about women’s rights”.

A visit to Suffragette Kitty offers a great education about many of history’s notable women.  I’m always inspired and in fact, after reading one post, was moved to donate to Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House.  What a fascinating family the Alcotts were!

Just the other day, the mail carrier delivered inspiration for my campaign from LMA and her publicist (Maureen, the writer of the blog). The Votes for Women items seen in these photos are a reminder that not only was there a time when women were not able to vote; they were also of course, not able to run for office.

LMA tells me that Marmee – Abigail May Alcott – lobbied for a woman’s right to vote from age 16 until her dying day at 77.  While she never lived to see her dream come true, she paved the way for women today.  LMA says “in my opinion, Marmee was an unsung Women’s Rights Activist”.  I love this sachet and hope, that as LMA intended, that it brings me luck.


Thank you, LMA, for this wonderful gift, which brought a huge smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

I feel truly blessed.