The Merc

The Draper Mercantile is a lovingly restored, 125 year old building in Southwest Virginia.  It currently serves as a place to hear local music, enjoy a fine meal, and as a showplace for regional arts and crafts.  The Merc has been providing goods and services to Pulaski County and the surrounding communities for over a century and according to the website “visitors could purchase just about anything”.


A receipt found in a desk by the current owners summarizes an eclectic purchase: sugar, burial clothes, salmon, lemons, and a coffin.  At various times, The Merc has housed a barber shop, a blacksmith, the post office, and a dress shop. In the spring the farmers brought in their lambs to sell and in the fall their hogs, turkey, potatoes etc., which went towards settling their accounts (

One evening last week, I met my friend Amy on the upstairs porch and enjoyed a glass of wine in a beautiful setting.


Some would have used photoshop to rid the images of powerlines.  Despite the fact that I don’t have photoshop, I think that the powerlines add historic accuracy to The Merc and the community of Draper.

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If you’re ever in the area, check it out!!

21 thoughts on “The Merc

  1. How cool that they’ve been in business that long. WOW, I wonder which current companies will weather the storms that well? I have a real yearning for a porch. Even in the city they can be a nice place to settle and enjoy a cold drink, but mostly, I’d just like to have one to decorate. LOL From Xmas to Fall again, I think it’d be so fantastic. Funny, if you hadn’t mentioned the power lines, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. We had them at the Lake and I guess they seem normal to me. Downtown, some of the older neighbourhoods still have them too. Enjoyed your sunset ! It’s like one of those tricky paper silhouettes you cut out of black paper. I see that curling vine with lights too on the porch, I bet that’s to-die-4 after dark. Have a great weekend LB, I’m just killing time in Denver.

      • Thanks Laurie, yes Alys met me at the airport in a crazy wig and we laughed like mad because we have a little plan in the works. I’m sure it will make an appearance on her Blog. Her poor family has been orphaned while I monopolize her time antique shopping, pumpkin farms and coffee/lunch stops. It’s been great weather, still very warm. Did a petting zoo today, which I loved. Oh my gosh, I’m being spoilt! LOL what’s not to love about that? Hope your weekend was awesome. swinging by now. xK

    • I’m so thankful for those who work hard to preserve historic buildings. It’s too easy for localities to do away with history and build really awful structures. Several years before this building was renovated, it was a furniture store and I bought my dining room table there. 🙂

    • I really appreciate that awesome comment!! And I’m glad you recognized the “lines” theme …I loved them in the shadows as well as the power lines.

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